Maudiir – La Part Du Diable

There is something about a one man Blackened Thrash Attack that always makes me sit up and crank open my ears. And Canada’s one man assault squad ‘Maudiir’ kept them held open whilst squeezing some blackened riffs deep into my brain!

At a little over 24 minutes long this EP sits in the sweet spot, long enough to enjoy, but short enough not to get repetitive or overworked, although to be honest with the variety and tracks on offer, repetitive is not something that is a risk!

Maudiir masters the blackened thrash sound, at times feeling like Megadeth (just listen to the opening of ‘The Slumber’, and other times sounding like Deicide (again ‘The Slumber’.. tell me that doesn’t remind you of Lunatic Of Gods Creation)

But this isn’t a complaint, as those moments of familiarity are only glancing before the tracks head off down 1001 different avenues, pulling musical tricks and riffs from across the spectrum that form a thoroughly enjoyable and cohesive romp through the 5 tracks.

The musicianship is great, vocals are towards the black metal side of the fence, the bass is high and chunky in the mix, the solos are tight and the mix is dirty enough to give that blackened thrash sound but clean enough to let all the instruments breath.

If you are a fan of the latest generation of Blackened Thrashers, like Hellripper, Night Fighter, Devastator, Midnight etc then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this outing!

Maudiir – La Part Du Diable is released tomorrow – February 19, 2021 via BandCamp HERE

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