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The Day of The Beast – Indisputably Carnivorous

Hutch checks out the latest horror filled offering from US Blackened Metallers, The Day Of The Beast, here’s what he thinks… Newly signed to Prosthetic Records, Virginia Beach blackened death metallers The Day of the Beast’s fourth full-length is not one for summer evenings… Continue Reading “The Day of The Beast – Indisputably Carnivorous”

Bewitcher –Cursed Be Thy Kingdom

Hutch takes a journey to Portland to check out some new Blackened Thrash from Bewitcher The third album from Portland’s Bewitcher and their first for Century Media, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is a gnarly, gritty,and filthy under the fingernails type of record. For the history buffs, Bewitcher… Continue Reading “Bewitcher –Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”

Sadistic Force – First Strikes

Asa delves into the Blackened Thrash of Sadistic Force Do you like your Thrash fast, aggressive and blackened? Well do we have a treat for you! Sadistic Force are a Black/Thrash outfit from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2020, they’ve released two E.P’s, which have… Continue Reading “Sadistic Force – First Strikes”

Wratheon – Black Thrash Mass

Paul Hutchings drags his song suffering goat down to the Black Thrash Mass alter… ‘Black Thrash Mass’? Could this be another blackened thrash metal release by any chance? Oh yes, fear not dear reader, this solo project from American based Wratheon does exactly what it says on… Continue Reading “Wratheon – Black Thrash Mass”

Maudiir – La Part Du Diable

There is something about a one man Blackened Thrash Attack that always makes me sit up and crank open my ears. And Canada’s one man assault squad ‘Maudiir’ kept them held open whilst squeezing some blackened riffs deep into my brain! At a little… Continue Reading “Maudiir – La Part Du Diable”

Hellfekted – Method Of Destruction (single)

Batten down the hatches and prepare for incoming fire, as Hellfekted stock up the hell tank with evil munitions and have you in their sights! Yes the Nottingham/Stoke based blackened Thrashers are back with their first new single since releasing ‘Woe To The Kingdom… Continue Reading “Hellfekted – Method Of Destruction (single)”