Series 3 Episode 1 – Trapped In Purgatory

Welcome Back to Series 3!

This week in the virtual studio we have Chris & Jon from Trapped In Purgatory, a new old school thrash band with a ton of heritage in the Bristol Thrash scene as ‘Purgatory’ and with ex-members of Fourwaykill & Mercury Rain.

We’ve got music from –

Trapped In Purgatory with their launch single ‘Demonicide’ and exclusive first play of album track ‘Patient Zero’

NE metallers Kilonova and ‘Immortal’

Oldhams Tortured Demon and new Single ‘A Knee To The Face Of Corruption’

FirstStrike USA and Ripped To Shreds

and Sawticide ‘If It Bleeds…’

Join us next week for our chat with Thrashsquatch! and loads more great Thrash Metal!!

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