BioWarfare – Wiping Out Human Race

Euan unleashes BioWarfare…. will he succeed in wiping out (the) Human Race with these Chilean Thrashers?

The albums wastes no time getting to the good stuff. ‘Human Waste’ fires in with the timeless method of one guitar riffing while the rest of the band play the stabs. Opening an album like this is a sure fire way to get the hairs on any Thrasher’s neck rising. This track pummels on with riff after riff, a dash of duel guitar melodies, and some impressively tight drumming. The vocals are definitely lacking a little for me, however Thrash has never been a genre that’s needed strong vocals in my opinion, especially when the musicianship is THIS strong.

The album continues with ‘Burning Insanity’ which being the thrash assault once more, with a touch of extreme metal in the chorus, thanks to some blast beats from Mario Sulbaran, and typical Old School Death Metal tremolo picking from Carlos Perez & Rod Martz. The next track, ‘Undead’, has a build-up capable of warming up and crowd for an insane circle pit. This track contains more extreme metal style picking like on the last track, however this time around it has much more of an old school speed metal flare.

The album rages on from Thrasher to Thrasher, but when we get to track 7, ‘Thrash Fever’, things really kick up a notch. Opening with a groovy and slightly haunting bass line, with some ride cymbal tickling, you know you’re in for a treat with the rest of the band kick in. And low and behold, this song is KICK ASS. The riffs are catchy but still heavy, the song is paced very well, which is ideal considering it’s length. With a simple chorus of “THRASH FEVER”, this is a song that HAS to stick around in Biowarfare’s live setlists for years to come.

This a very solid Thrash album, it really does what it says on the tin. If you like your Thrash fast and unrelenting, with nonchalant lyrics and a general good-times vibe, then this is an album for you.

My only small criticisms are that the album could’ve done with maybe one or two songs less. There are a few that definitely feel more filler, and I said before, I’d like to see some refinement on the vocal style for the next Biowarfare release.

Wiping Out Human Race by BioWarfare was released on December 15th 2020 and is available on BandCamp as well as streaming sites.

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