Fullminator – Omniplasm

Our man Frank Holby, straps on his warp core and heads into the Omniplasm!

Let’s face it, one way or another 2020 has been a terrible year for most of us. Sometimes something comes along that puts a smile on your face. Fullminator has definitely done that with this seventeen minute crossover thrash E.P.“ Omniplasm” independently released on the 12th December by the band.

Hailing from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, but claiming to be clones of the dark lord evil intergalactic dictator Colonel Roach, and sent back several thousand years in time with a stolen artifact. They disguise themselves as a band trying to hide from this Colonel Roach character while adopting names like Lord Gartallax, Enforcer Blowmeux, Xenotrox, Cyber Zurrfex and Master Kiununtriux. Wearing robot type masks (except the singer) for photo shoots and live shows you immediately know this band does not take themselves too seriously.

 From the opening riffs of “Artificial Immolator” the modern crossover style bleeds through, fast chugging and catchy all at the same time. A vocal delivery reeling off the lyrics at  double speed making you look to see if you have set up the play speed on fast. Game on.. It’s party time..

 “Checking Accunt$” (no spelling mistakes here) continues the relentless pace with the subject matter now venting its anger at big corporations. Plotting what revenge to extract based on years of built up anger towards the invisible  men who try to run our lives with some humorous concepts.

The title track then takes us back to the Colonel Roach story with a furious riff that would get any pit boiling into a moshing frenzy and if you think you’re safe at the end of the song the Municipal Waste style “Perihelion“ then explodes out of the speakers dragging you back to the front where you would definitely be climbing up onto the stage only to dive back into the boiling sea of bodies frantically moving to the ferocious rhythm.

The final track is the much covered Beastie Boys song “Fight For Your Right…” it’s a song that perfectly adheres itself to the thrash metal scene. Especially the crossover style and they have made a decent fist of putting their own stamp on it. It’s a fitting end for the E.P.

I really like this E.P. It definitely has the feel of Lich King, Dr. Living Dead or the previously mentioned Municipal Waste. The production is a little rough in places, but then again it was recorded, mixed and mastered in the home studio of Christian Rodiguez. A.K.A. Master Kiuntriux the bands rhythm guitarist. And it doesn’t really detract from the overall product.

The tracks were laid down through September and early October this year, and is a marked improvement on the bands two previous releases, 2016’s E.P. “From The Future” and 2018’s full length “Crackattack”, As an unsigned band I think that they have made good job of the release, although there is only a limited run of 200 cd’s available , a digital version is on sale via Bandcamp. “Omniplasm“ can also be found on all major streaming sites.


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