Rawfoil – Tales From The Four Tower


Amid the strange times of 2020, new-wave Italian Thrash metal band, Rawfoil, kick and scream their way through the commotion, truly making their voices heard.

Starting off their latest release “Tales From the Four Towers,” recorded at Alpha-Omega Studios, with opening track ‘People Who Don’t Drink Aren’t People’ you instantly hear drummer (Marco)’s homage to Dave Lombardo… a classically aggressive, ride driven groove. Accompanied by chugging riffs, supplied by guitarist Giacomo. The highlight to this overall face-melting tune, is its mind-boggling, but not overwhelming, rhythm and pace changes. Bringing a character, we are more than happy to welcome to the scene.

Without hesitation, the album introduces us to a “Cult of The Ignorance,” with itsgalloping pulse, drilled throughout the song, the words “Slow Down” are unheard of to the furious five. Francesco’s vocals, as well as the backing vocals, are notspared of any aggression and act as the, loud, vigorous icing atop this Cake… A tough, raw, meat cake, seasoned with speed, anger and probably a lot of beer.

“Braindead Diver” my personal favourite in this EP. It’s disgusting, but in a strange, beautiful way. The initial brain tickling groove leaves you addicted and wanting to understand. With a lack of explanation, we are launched into one of many guitar solo’s hosted by lead guitarist Ruben. His classic sounding squeals and note loaded shreds are everything you’d want from a Thrash band. Overall, this song brings it back to the 90’s, with the “Braindead Diver” chant and groove metalinfluences.

Concluding the album with “Thick Slices (As My Mother’s Like)” we are sent off with an interesting sound. Like an amalgamation of Slayer and Pantera. It holds and nurtures the aggression introduced in the first track and doesn’t fail to disappoint.

Rawfoil 2020

Rawfoil absolutely smashed it with this EP. It’s well recorded, and the mix is refined, yet still presenting that raw O.G thrash feel. No member is more prominent than the others, which leaves everyone with room for progression and independence, truly giving this band their own sound. The main theme with Rawfoil is in their name… Raw! This is a pure emotion. Shown through the grit and grime of the instruments and the vocals. Housing an embodied feeling of hatred and filth. Both negative things that have never sounded so good.

As with all things, nothing is perfect. All I can say is, although the band have clear inspirations and influences, they should focus on bringing each instrument and aspect together allowing it to be concise and easier to differentiate between. It can get sloppy at times, yet nothing too overwhelming.

A great job overall and I look forward to hearing the guys in Rawfoil progress as they go on!

Reviewer- Beau Williams

Release Date – January 2020

Bandcamp – https://rawfoil.bandcamp.com/music

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