Solitary – Catharsis (video)

Our mates and two times Moshin’ The Roof On contributors Solitary released their latest single from last years world beater ‘The Truth Behind The Lies’ Catharsis today. Catharsis’ shines an unflinching spotlight on the plight of the homeless in modern day Britain, a cause that as you know we hold very close to our core.

Check out the video below and if you haven’t already, please consider picking up a copy of our compilation album Moshin’ The Roof On HERE

Speaking about the new video, Solitary front man Rich Sherrington said, “‘Catharsis’ deals with the debilitating state of anxiety, but the lyrics lent themselves really well to the homeless crisis that we wanted to highlight in the video. It’s an issue we feel passionately about and people need to see ‘the truth behind the lies’ – who’d have thought the UK government would misquote and distort the figures to mask the actual reality of the situation?”

The Truth Behind The Lies has received a swathe of incredible reviews from across the metal world and Solitary have had major features in magazines like Zero Tolerance, Metal Hammer and Aardschok.

“They sound hungry and mean…” – ZERO TOLERANCE 5/6
“… Solitary’s magnum opus; an undiluted thrash album with plenty to say and the songs to back it up!” – WORSHIP METAL 9/10
” …a stunningly fast and furious thrash metal rampage…” – METAL GODS TV 10/10
“… an uppercut to be enjoyed without moderation.” – MUSIC WAVES 4/5
“…a HUGE, stonking muthafuckin’ BEAST of an album.” – UBER ROCK

As well as highlighting the ongoing problem of homelessness in the video for ‘Catharsis’ Solitary have also contributed a track to the charity compilation album Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 2, organised by the UK Thrashers group and featuring the cream of UK thrash. Find out more here:

The Truth Behind The Lies is available now on Metalville Records

Beyond Your Design – Gods and Men

The first single in a drip feed of releases which are coming over the next few months, Gods and Men sees the Midlands quartet pin their influences squarely to the mast with a single that contains enough jagged edges to warrant a health warning. 

With a classic Trivium/BFMV feel, Beyond Your Design combine fiery heavy sections with some surprisingly melodic elements that work nicely, underpinned by some subtle orchestral synths.It opens with a ferocious roar that segues into a brief spoken word that gives way to a thumpingly solid track. The vocals perform surprisingly well, the combination of growls, higher pitched screams and clean choruses knitting tight.

Elsewhere, those who enjoy walls of riffs are well served, and the song benefits from a crunchy production which accentuates the various instruments with a clear mix. The track combines some ferociously fast thrash elements with a slower, measured approach. Beyond Your Design have invested in a professionally produced multi-angle video which shows the band at their explosive best. Shot mainly in the chapel at Gloucester Prison in between lockdowns by Eric Revill-Dews of ERD Media, there is more fire in this video than the opening 25 minutes of a Rammstein gig as flash pot after flash pot ignites. Utilising synchronised headbanging, solo shots and landscape group projections, this all adds to the package and provides a wider and clearer indication of what the band are all about. 

Having seen and heard this track, one can only be more disappointed about the postponement of the Devastator and Hellfekted tour as Beyond Your Design were also part of the package and would have provided the perfect opening for a feast of metal. We can only hope that this tour will return when things are calmer. Until then, get stuck into Gods and Men, and store your patience for the Together we Rise EP, due out in early March.

Gods & Men is available on all streaming Services from Friday the 29th January