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Overthrow – Pure Death (Single AND Video)

Paul Hutchings checks out the first single from the long awaited new Overthrow album, here’s what he thinks… Vicious Blackened death thrash in the vein of Hellripper, Werewolves and Midnight comes clawing at you with darkened nails, under which dirt from a thousand years… Continue Reading “Overthrow – Pure Death (Single AND Video)”

Xenos – The Dawn Of Ares

Italian Thrashers Xenos are back with a brand new album for 2021, which somehow passed us by a couple of weeks ago for its release, but that won’t stop us giving the follow up to 2020’s Filthgrinder some attention, these guys obviously haven’t been… Continue Reading “Xenos – The Dawn Of Ares”

Blacklist – Disciples Of Time

The Blackpool arm of the Tri-fecta thrash militia enter the fray with their debut album, we’ve been lucky enough to hear loads of demo’s, early mixes and advanced artwork from the guys, so out of impartiality we asked Gareth to review the album, here’s… Continue Reading “Blacklist – Disciples Of Time”

Domination Campaign – Onward to Glory 

Paul Hutchings reviews the new album by Tasmania death metallers Domination Campaign… when Slayer and Bolt Thrower are both mentioned in a review its gotta be worth reading on.. You can do a lot in 29 minutes. You can listen to Reign in Blood. There. Nothing else needed. But,… Continue Reading “Domination Campaign – Onward to Glory “

Internal Conflict – Aporia 

Paul Hutchings checks out the new album by Internal Conflict, here’s what he thinks of their Modern Metal sound…. There’s been a lot of noise about Internal Conflict in my media streams recently. The band play Bloodstock in August and adverts for this album… Continue Reading “Internal Conflict – Aporia “

Evil In – An Ethereal Force Beyond

Gareth checks out the new two track EP from USA thrasher, Evil In, lets see what this guy deliver on the first outing… If you fancy a quick death/thrash fix, you could do much worse than giving the debut from one man band Evil In,… Continue Reading “Evil In – An Ethereal Force Beyond”

Vrykolakas – And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction

Chris Cleo sinks his fangs into some new death metal from Singapore, here’s what he thinks… The storms and shadows brew as Singaporean death-metallers ‘Vrykolakas’ unleash their third full-length album ‘And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction’.  With an arguable ‘veteran’ status amongst the ranks… Continue Reading “Vrykolakas – And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction”

Nothing Sacred – No Gods

Neil Bolton heads down under for some Australian Thrash, here’s what he thinks about the new album …. The dark gnarly roots of thrash metal reach back far into the 1980’s. One of the bands involved in planting those roots are Australian thrashers Nothing… Continue Reading “Nothing Sacred – No Gods”

Novichok – Empire Of Lies

Friends of the site, previous podcast guest and ‘Moshin’ The Roof On’ alumni Novichok are back, bursting from lockdown with an all new EP, we’ve been lucky enough to have this for a few weeks, and here’s what we think…. Kicking of the new… Continue Reading “Novichok – Empire Of Lies”

Contract Killer – Fat Cat 

Paul Hutchings checks out the debut by Contract Killer, does this crusty thrash punky assault land on target, read on to find out more…. Formed in 2019 as a solo project by Steve Gungle, guitar player from the thrash/punk brusiers Overload, Contract Killer’s girth was soon widened with… Continue Reading “Contract Killer – Fat Cat “