Review – Imperium – Iron Thunder (Single)

London 2022 M2TM winners, regular MTRO contributors and all round top lads Imperium are back with a brand new single… we let Hutch loose on his reviewers U Boat to see if he wanted to sink this battleship…….

 Fresh from their latest appearance on Moshin’ the Roof On vol 4, London groove merchants Imperium are back in your face with their new single Iron Thunder. It’s a definitive change of direction for the band, whilst still retaining all the power and dynamic elements that we’ve come to know and love over the past couple of years. 

Nautical themed, Iron Thunder is based on the destroyers of the past, the Navy beasts that fought in oceans around the world, often in harrowing conditions. You can almost feel the spray as the water crashes over the deck, guns crank into position as the huge pistons work overtime to move the huge machines. 

Imperium have a habit of carving out earworms that lurk long in the memory. Their debut eponymous EP did exactly that, and you can now add Iron Thunder to that list. There’s the inevitable groove that underpins the song, whilst Ben Porter’s powerful vocals soar above. The engine room is driven with an energy that surprises, James Hawes drumming on point throughout as he anchors the song with ease. There’s a couple of blistering lead breaks from Hardip Sagoo, whilst Scott Lomas and Rapha Comes keep the rhythm moving. Add to that Porter’s strong cleans edged with that distinctive rasp, and you’ve got a winning combination. 

They have been lumped in with the UK thrash movement, but Imperium are moving further away from the out and out thrash of many of their MTRO associates and more towards the heavy metal style of bands like Metal Church and Armored Saint. I approve, with the melodic components working in tandem with the heavier, crunching riffage that is never far away. With more new music due in 2023, Imperium look to be maintaining the momentum they deservedly earned in 2022. Iron Thunder is just the start.

The track is out on the 17/06/23 in all the normal places, and don’t miss the lads live this year, at Coalville, Rabidfest, Coalition Fest, Derby Alt Fest and loads more

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