Review – Acid For Blood – Blood Drunk Single

Acid For Blood have been on a bit of a journey, founding member Brody started things off as a bit of a solo/and friends project when he parted ways with thrashers Militia (with fellow guitarist Alfred now in Helgrind) and the band continued to grow and change with the only releases so far being on our own Moshin’ The Roof On albums, Volume 2 with ‘Burn, Die’ with Brody on vocals and on Volume 3 with the Disc 1 closer instrumental ‘Death By A Thousand shots’

Well this Friday that all changes, as the first two tracks with the latest line up are released – that line us is Brody on Lead guitar, Ty on Vocals, Mateo – Rhythm guitar, Arch on Bass and a vacant drummers stool

The two tracks are ‘Blood Drunk’ and a re-recording of the aforementioned ‘Blood Drunk’ but both tracks are dialled up a bit in delivery from previous ‘thrashy’ fair, as the new darker line up, definitely hits the death thrash monicker and puts a size 10 pretty firmly into the death metal camp…

And that’s no bad thing, Brody is a great guitarist and this transition to a darker sound for the overall band really works, the riffs are thick and heavy, razor sharp like a knife in places but blunt and bludgeoning elsewhere, new vocalist Ty, is new to the vocal game, but handles himself really well, and we are sure will continue to develop and grow his own style and sound.

All in all a great ‘official’ first outing from the band, we look forward to hearing more later in the year!

Listen now/pre-save via the distrokid link –

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