Review – Sidewinder BC – War Tapes Volume 1

Gareth takes an early listen to the new tracks by our mates from Sidewinder BC…. here’s what he thinks of the latest Blackened Crossover offerings…

So, 2 years after the ‘Ashes of Reality’ single and consecutive contributions to “Moshin’ the Roof On Vols 2 and 3”, the Yorkshire boys are back with their first full length effort, and I can honestly say, it’s been well worth the wait. 

Teasing us in with the 30 second intro ‘Incoming’ before ‘Cellrot’ whacks you round the head with a barrage of drums and pummelling riffs, before settling into a seething groove, the vocals cutting through with spitting anger. ‘Crown the Alpha’ starts as a stuttering, staccato beast, the extended intro building into a pounding flurry of rapid riffs and slow crushing palm muting, in equal measure. 

The production is just perfect for this crusty, slightly blackened, crossover-tinged thrash, the guitars have a nice thick crunch, yet also have a veneer of filth, to give that slightly mucky feeling, while the drums and bass lay a solid if, slightly grimy, foundation, while the vocals bark and shout with an aggressive punk edged venom. 

I don’t know if ‘Raw Deal’ has anything to do with the Arnie film of the same name. but it definitely has the same effect, leaving no survivors from its pulsating riff set, and yet another grinding slower section. ’Ceasefire’ allows for a bit of a respite, and is the calm before the storm that is ‘Sub-Human Scum’ which starts as a super heavy, bass laden bruiser, before thrashing into oblivion, with a superb call/refrain vocal arrangement, this will be an absolute monster live.

The album ends with the ‘one-two’ salvo of ‘Franchise Terror’ and ‘Last Orders’, the former is a dirty groovy thrasher, with a fantastic solo section, while the latter 9 (as heard on MTRO v3) is mini epic, with more riffs than you can shake a stick at, and literally flies by in a burst of not so controlled hostility.

This is a fantastic slab of UK thrash and is a fitting monument to the boy’s hard work over the last few years, I hope they are really proud of this, and I absolutely loved listening to it and writing this review. Here’s to catching you live in 2023.

Sidewinder BC – War Tapes Volume 1 will be released in the next few months on Devils Clause Records

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