Reviewer – Album Of The Year – Neil Bolton

Hey up Thrashers, next up in our reviewers AOTY is Neil Bolton, here is his top 3….

A UK thrash top three for us UK thrashers .

1) Lawnmower Deth return with a still entertaining and well written collection of songs. A very nice example of daft and thrash skill. Many of which will become live classics I feel.

2) Xentrix also return with a very strong album with new vocalist Jay Walsh once more delivering an impressive shift on here. Clever riffs and guitar solos shine from these veterans of the scene who seem to have lots left in the tank yet.

3) New boys Thundering Hooves then dropped an absolute banger of an album back in October. An album I had the complete honour of reviewing for UK Thrashers, it is dark, fast and layered. I have not yet had the privilege of witnessing these guys in a live setting. I tell you what though, In am looking forward to doing so.

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