Reviewer – Album Of The Year – Gareth Pugh

Gareth is next up with his AOTY picks…

2022 has been another great year for metal, and there’ve been some stellar albums released, but for my top 3 I’ve kept it to thrash and I’ve kept it in the UK.

1. Xentrix – Seven Words – The veterans return with a brilliant second album since the rebirth, and this one even tops Bury the Pain

2. Lawnmower Deth – Blunt Cutters – Their live performances have never been in doubt but sometimes this hasn’t always transferred itself onto the studio recordings. Blunt Cutters however puts this to rest in the garden shed.

3. Halberd – Parasitic Humanity- Ignore the cover art and dive straight into the music. Brilliant moshing thrash. Get in the pit.

I also have to mention some singles, Helfekted -Death of Iron, what a fucking track, can’t wait to hear more from these fuckers.

And another mention to Halberd and the London Metal Coalition and the fantastic Legions in Arms single. Fuck off Live Aid and have a bit of this…

Last but not least, and maybe not out and out thrash, Imperium released their debut 4 track EP, which is just killer.

Lastly a Merry ‘Thrashing’ Christmas to all the UK bands out there,the main main Mr UK thrash himself -Branny, and all the guys involved.

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