Review – Termination Force – Netherworld EP

With most thrash bands gusting towards black or death metal, Hutch checks out something a little different as Termination Force blends traditional and power metal into the mix.. here’s what he thinks

This five-track EP is going to be a challenge for a few readers. The debut release by UK outfit Termination Force, Netherworld combines elements of thrash and power metal in a heady mix which features high pitched vocals and a love of 80s and 90s melodic metal. 

My first reaction was to draw comparisons vocally with Agent Steel’s John Cyriis. Ruch Rutter has a superb range with the ability to hit some incredible notes. The music is well played with a focus on the more traditional elements of metal and there’s a Sci-Fi theme that runs through the songs. Dig a but deeper and you’ll find the band features members of Toledo Steel (surly a film featuring Will Ferrell?) and Desolator. 

Opening song After the Fall builds with a decent riff carving out the start followed by the first of many of Rutter’s screams. It rips along, rolling nicely into the darker, heavier Termination Force, which is no doubt going to be the band’s anthem. It’s a solid, pulsating track that sits somewhere between traditional metal and thrash. Think elements of Manilla Road, Iced Earth and Running Wild and you’ll get the idea. 

Rutter’s vocals are sure to be the deciding factor for many on this album. His performance on Target Locked sees his range increase even higher, whilst the rest of the band, Jamie Brooks (guitar), David Lovell (bass) and drummer Neil Anderson are locked in tight. It’s solid, dependable, and perfectly enjoyable. Elements of Priest and Maiden come through in this song, but as someone who enjoys most of the work of both of those bands, that’s not really an issue. 

Heart Racer thunders along, drawing comparisons with early Helloween and Accept, with some delightful melodies which provide a balance to the raging riffs that dominate most of the song. This leads into the finale, the title track of the EP and another immediate Helloween reference before Termination Force get down to business. It’s a decent finish, possibly not the strongest track on the EP but it holds its own. 

Will Termination Force move forward from this. Very possibly. I’m not sold on the name, which I think could be improved. The production on the copy I received was decent, with a good balance on each instrument. Overall, Termination Force is a band that are now on my radar. There’s potential here although the next steps will be vital to furthering their career.

Termination Force, Netherworld is out now use their Linktree to find more

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