Review – Metallica – Lux Æterna (Single)

We couldn’t let a new single from one of the originals … here’s what Frank thinks about the new Metallica track

New Metallica releases are always met with anticipation and trepidation, can they ever recapture the magic that thrust them into the rockstar stratosphere over 30 years ago?

Recent albums have been hit-and-miss, received well in some quarters and dismissed in others. But they still tour relentlessly worldwide, selling out every ticket in the house.

 With a new album to be named “72 Seasons” muted for release mid-April 2023,  “Metallica” announced a new tour schedule for next summer, but they have also sprung a surprise single release with “Lux Aeterna”  to give us a taste of what is to come. 

 Starting with some distorted feedback leading into an aggressive thrashy intro, before settling down into the very catch main riff. Lars is rolling back the years here with a superb rhythmic double bass beat that is far better than anything he has produced for a very long time. James once again shows why he is revered as one of the best rhythm guitarists in the metal world, keeping this simple but effective riff tight and precise. Robert keeps the bass parts within the overall structure of the track, with an occasional bridge filling in at a transitional part of the song. Kirk seems to play with more freedom than we have heard for a very long time, the solo suites the overall effect of the track. The lyrics are catchy and easy to pick up on, always great for audience participation. There is also a nod towards one of the band’s main influences “Diamond Head” with the line “Lightning to the nation”

 The track is three and a half minute traditional heavy metal number with more than a feelgood vibe, perhaps it shows a band that is now fully happy with who they are.

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