Review – Korrosive – Toxic Apokalypse

Hutch grabs some Kanadian Thrash as he checks out the new Korrosive album…

Fancy 37 minutes of absolutely face-melting thrash metal? If so, the latest album by Canadian brutes Korrosive should be right up your street. Formed in 2016, the Toronto quintet take no prisoners with a vicious and sometimes utterly feral release. 

Toxic Apokalypse follows hard on the heels of 2021’s Kaustic Hordes and if you haven’t gathered from the album titles, there’s a brutal mix of Kreator, Slayer and Municipal Waste gathered in a fireball of thrashing riffage. It’s fast, energetic, and steeped in the old school ways. 

Album opener Into Nekroplis is a bruising introduction, with plenty of time changes and expansive sounds over the five and a half minutes. The explosive Radioaktive Scourge follows, very MW in feel and utterly intense at under two minutes. Two different styles and both undeniably thrash. The band may be old school, but they use their influences well, demonstrating a contemporary feel that sits them nicely in the new wave of thrash metal. The chug of The Goddamned inevitably throws up Slayer comparisons, but hell, if it’s like Slayer, whose complaining. It’s a solid song that begins slowly, increases in tempo before slowing again to allow those who want to bang the head ample opportunity to do so. 

The musicianship is tight, the dual guitars of Jack Neila and Derek Solomos shred in tandem, slicing solos screaming out of the driving rhythm laid down by the hammers of drummer Kaveh Ashfar and bassist Carlos Rodriguez. All of this is topped by the snarling savagery of vocalist Rad Zarei, the only remaining original member of the band. 

It’s an album which is relentless, something that any self-respecting thrash fan would want. And yet, there is some balance to the album. It’s paced well, with the tempo picking up again at the tail end of the album. Hail the Hellfire is a savage rampaging track and leads into album closer Karnage Incarnate. At over seven-minutes long, this is an ambitious work out that hits the mark. A song that could easily become the band’s set closing anthem, it pulses with electricity as it pounds along at times creating a blend of standard thrash and raucous death metal. It all adds up to one very pleasing album that should be on the list of those who like to mosh. 

Korrosive – Toxic Apokalypse is out this Friday 7/10/2022 via BANDCAMP and streaming services

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