Review – Infantry – Terminal Society

Frank returns and takes a listen to the new album by Infantry, here’s what he thinks…

 It is about time I blew a few cobwebs away and wrote a review, it has been a while.

Infantry, a five piece from the Netherlands, blurring the lines between Thrash and Death metal, bring us their second full length release in the form of Terminal Society. Independently released on 31st August 2022 albeit only available via streaming sites at this time, although physical releases have been promised in the near future in the form of CD’s and digipacks. It is the long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s debut “Make war not love”.

 The opening track “Disposer of Immortality” draws you in with a slow technical thrash style riff, then hits you full on with a double guitar assault with a nice helping of growling death vocals that compliment the aggressive nature of the music. I really like the straightforward clear production here, and this carries on throughout the album. If you like dirty chugging riffs, with a heavy groove, the second song, “Submission”,  has what you require and then some, it’s direct and straightforward but works very well. This is the kind of track that would get a pit opening up at the front of a gig with plenty of headbanging at the back. The next track ” Destination:Wonderland”, the next track is a real death metal style banger helped along by guest vocalist Miranda Visser,  from Hellevaerder, adding a style that compliments Ronal Van Baren’s guttural roar. These three opening tracks showcase the band has more than one string to their bow.

 Although not heavy on solos throughout, when they are allowed to express themselves, the twin guitar attack of Luuk Steemers (rhythm) and Arjen Kliess (lead) compliment each other, and at times it’s almost Iron Maidenesqe. This is undoubtedly helped by the aforementioned production. The track “Coup D’etat”  showcases the guitar work perfectly. The eight tracks come in at just over thirty-eight minutes, almost an EP compared to many new releases and they flow effortlessly from the speakers, culminating in the title track, which perhaps is my favorite on the album.

 The song structures are good and well balanced, and lyrical content deal with the standard death/thrash mainstay of death, destruction, political injustice, and warfare as you would expect.

Throughout the rhythm section, Andrea Serra (bass) and Glenn Veldman (drums) do a great job complementing the guitarwork, the mix works perfectly to bring their skills to the fore, every musician has a place in this band and it shows.

This album has been a long time in the making, recorded over two years, partially at a home studio by guitarist Arjen Kliess with the drum tracks recorded at Profination Studios by Edwin Van Wingarden and Corne Venis, then perfectly pieced together with an almost faultless mix by Arjen himself. In a brief chat with him via Facebook he described it as: “a long process… we are very much satisfied that we finally released Terminal Society”

 I’ll go along with that statement, in a year full of quality releases, this more than holds its own.

After a few UK dates were canceled a couple of years ago, Infantry are eager to get across the North Sea and showcase their talent, and I for one will be happy to buy a ticket.

Check out Terminal Society – OUT NOW

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