Review – Gutlocker – SFS & Video

Moshin; The Roof On Volume 3 contributors GUTLOCKER release the first ‘official’ new single this Friday. The Groove Metallers from Woking, release their first official single ‘SFS’ taken from the upcoming full length album ‘To Be Alive’. the track is released with the added bonus of being supported by the first of 2 conceptual music videos! 

‘SFS’ is accompanied with a music video that see’s an antagonist, struggling with the monotonous ins and outs of everyday life, they are crippled with anxiety and paranoia. The series of events that happens during the video builds up until the antagonist finally hits the button and pushes back.

The single draws influence from real life struggles. The vocalist Craig McBrearty said “It’s about trying to keep head above water in a corporate world whilst battling your own imposter thoughts.”  

For those that listened to the advanced track Absence Of Change on MTRO v3 will not be surprised how great this new track sounds, from the opening drum beats, this is a thumping slab of metal, taking the lads well beyond the groove metal pigeonhole, Craigs vocals are on point and his snarled blend of hardcore, thrash, skate punk and even a bit Black Metal-ish delivery that make this 4 and a half minute fly by way to fast, the sound is BIG, ear filling and powerful and the whole band have delivered a masterclass of modern metal that we can’t wait to hear in a live setting!

‘To Be Alive’ is Gutlocker’s first full length album and is the first time we have heard anything new from the band since the release of their four track EP ‘Cry Havoc’ in 2018. The band chose to record a full length album during the first lockdown in 2020 as they wanted to use their time to write something that’s different, bigger and better than anything that has been released previously.

‘SFS’ was directed , edited and shot by Jack Maguire of Old Horse Production and premieres Friday night at 7pm UK time.

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