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Vrykolakas – And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction

Chris Cleo sinks his fangs into some new death metal from Singapore, here’s what he thinks… The storms and shadows brew as Singaporean death-metallers ‘Vrykolakas’ unleash their third full-length album ‘And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction’.  With an arguable ‘veteran’ status amongst the ranks… Continue Reading “Vrykolakas – And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos and Destruction”

Vulture – Dealin’ Death

Hutch reviews the latest Teutonic offering from Vulture… Contemporary thrash with a deep coating of the old school. That’s the immediate thoughts as the quintet from Dortmund kick start their third album Dealin’ Death, the follow up to 2019’s Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves.  The brief… Continue Reading “Vulture – Dealin’ Death”

Sacred Reich – Ignorance, Surf Nicaragua, The American Way

Paul Hutchings takes a trip down memory lane with a listen to the first three releases by Sacred Reich 2019 and the first Sacred Reich album in 23 years finally arrived with Awakening. It saw the return of Dave McClain to the drum stool he’s occupied from… Continue Reading “Sacred Reich – Ignorance, Surf Nicaragua, The American Way”

Trial –Sisters of the Moon

Back in 2017 I reviewed Trial’s third album, Motherless for another publication. I was less than complimentary about the Swedes, describing the vocals of Linus Johansson as ‘nails down a blackboard’. Well, I’m pleased to say that Mr Johansson is no longer singing for Trial, and his replacement Arthur… Continue Reading “Trial –Sisters of the Moon”

Series 2 Episode 19 – Reaper

The #ukthrashers radio show is back, in this episode we catch up for a chat with Merseyside Prog Thrashers ‘Reaper’ and talk about their new album ‘Stranger Than Fiction’, live shows, recording during lockdown, M2TM, getting to gigs on National Express and loads more… Continue Reading “Series 2 Episode 19 – Reaper”

Solitary new album and label

Our friends in Solitary announce a new album and record label today, we have been fans of the band since the start and they were very generous in allowing us to use a track, ‘The Diseased Heart Of Society’ on our Moshin’ The Roof… Continue Reading “Solitary new album and label”