Mordred – The Dark Parade

From the cultural home of Thrash Metal, the original genre-bending funk thrashers Mordred return with a brand new album ‘The Dark Parade’ and here’s what we think of the album…

If you are a full on ‘Thrash Till Death’ type of reader, Mordred may never of been your thing, as even their first album ‘Fools Game’ had a load of influences that some people didn’t get, or didn’t want mixed in with their thrash metal… well if you didn’t like that then you probably aren’t going to be into this album… and that’s a real shame as its got a lot to offer!

This isn’t a straight up thrash album, but in my opinion this probably has more thrash biased songs on it than anything the band have put out since Fools Game, there’s some great riffs, catchy choruses and enough DJ wicky wicky record effects to make sure you know it’s a Mordred album (with even a bit of Country/Bluesy vibe coming through) without it being a parody of itself, which is a risk when you are known for having that DJ influence into your music.

Lyrically Scotts voice is pretty different, he’s definitely moved to a more spoken word, rap style delivery, that I found a little bit difficult to get into at first, but over the course of the preceding EP and even more so on this album, I’ve really started to enjoy, and it makes a real nice change to have something different from the Bellow and Cookie Monster vocals.

The songs are catchy, but with some weird time signatures at times, that make you think and listen to what’s going on, and why wouldn’t you want to listen to what’s going on, as these guys have still got a musical story to tell!

So yes the original thrash genre benders are back, with in my opinion their best outings since Fools Game!

Mordred The Dark Parade is out tomorrow Friday 23rd July on M Theory Audio

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