Xenos – The Dawn Of Ares

Italian Thrashers Xenos are back with a brand new album for 2021, which somehow passed us by a couple of weeks ago for its release, but that won’t stop us giving the follow up to 2020’s Filthgrinder some attention, these guys obviously haven’t been kicking their heals during lockdown, so let’s dive in…

Out of the gates, Xenos sophomore album ‘The Dawn Of Ares’ does not fuck around, the Xenos guys launch straight into the style of thrash we have come to expect from them, a blend of technical and creative riffs and rhythm that you’d expect from bands like Annihilator and Megadeth, blended with a dirtier slightly more blackened thrash and sometimes crossover tinged vocal that compliment that technicality to deliver a swift volley of punches to the head, and the album continues in that vein, with well-crafted songs, atmospheric melodies and chugging driving rhythm.

It’s pretty pointless going into a blow by blow track run down, as you can just head over to one of the streaming sites to check out the album for yourself, but this is a really good solid heavy thrash album, there are enough riffs and earworms to allow the album to bury deep into your cranium and have you clenching your jaw and making that ‘thrash face’ as the tracks attack, but enough technicality and musicianship to allow you to appreciate the songwriting and production.

If you enjoyed Filthgrinder, then we are sure you will enjoy this, yes it’s a little cleaner and more ‘in control’ than their debut but no less of a beast!!

Dawn Of Ares was released on the 20/06/2021 via Iron Shield

Dawn of Ares unfortunately isn’t on Xenos BandCamp page yet, but can be found on all streaming sites, YouTube and physical via Amazon in the UK

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