Sombre – A Common Conflict And The Respite We Deserve

Robbie journeys into the black with one man uk black metal project – Sombre

A forboding unease eerily ushers in the lonely wiry, harshness of the guitars as ‘A COMMON CONFLICT AND THE RESPITE WE DESERVE’ meanders it’s dark yet vibrant energy onwards. The opening track to ‘AFrom Womb To An Unsightly Shallow Grave’ from UK one man black metal band Sombre has a stark bleakness emanating from the repetitive guitar notes. This threatens to descend into murkier black metal waters until salvation arrives in the relative lightness of a subtle blackgaze accompaniment to the sound. Whilst not overly prominent the prescence of the shimmer allows the songs space when needed adding texture to the rampant ferocity being dealt with such tenacity.

The marauding march of ‘Endeavour not to Dream of Death and his Hand’ pulsates with such fervour it’s a joy to hear black metal with such hypnotic rhythmic appeal. A jarring, scratchy riff spars with a joyously uplifting solo highlighting the mix of dark and light yet the ability for them to fuse effortlessly.  

Such are the devastating lows that when the highs come, all be it few and far between they still have enough impetus to create such a contrast. That middle ground is where Sombre excel in and it is here where this EP really shines its light. Whilst there is an overriding and at times oppressive melancholy the rumbling bassline and wall of layered guitar ensures variety is afforded to the listener. 

A strangely percussive feel from the distorted vocals graces ‘Dancing Static’. A solitary guitar heightens the nervous edgy feel to this interlude of sorts. Disturbingly alluring in it’s dark simplicity the anticipation for what is to follow has been ramped up.

Closing track the lengthy ‘Tiresome Be, The Plight of Life’ drips in post rock calmness yet soon gives way to the barrage and all out attack of visceral black metal that is never far away. The scathing raspy vocals seem to take on a loftier more impacting role whilst the venomous assault from the drums continues to push the levels of extremity.  

Peeling back the layers built up within the songs ,songs which flow and weave with a ease and vibrancy not usually afforded to the harsh, darkened realms of black metal, a densely rich and emotive set of songs reveal themselves.  A collection of songs which will have you yearning for more such is the impact that Sombre drive. With a restrained aggression to the music, it feels controlled and never forced in a bid to propel the sonic enhancement.

The importance of character and feeling is apparent. At the very core there is a strong raw black metal aesthetic yet mixed with the post rock artistry and blackgaze escapism Sombre have created something that offers an immersive yet rewarding listening experience.

A Common Conflict And The Respite We Deserve is out now via BandCamp

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