Holosade – Anastasis

Frank takes a delve into UK thrash history and reviews the new album by Holosade

A brief history lesson on Holosade would just about sum up the UK thrash metal scene in the 1980s. Being Darlington based they joined the burgeoning north east thrashers all hanging on the coattails of the mighty Venom. Taking a slightly different approach to the usual white high top trainers and denim cut off look, they took to the stage wearing masks or face paint. 

A promising band with plenty of energy and aggression with the music to more than show they were to be taken seriously. The formative years saw “Holosade” release four well made demos with various members before having a settled line that then shared a split E.P. release with three other bands.

  This was soon followed up by the 1988 full length debut “Hell House” a true UK thrash metal gem that was sadly discarded by the record company who had no idea what to do with a thrash band other than steal the drummer for a more lucrative band on the label. The next few years were busy with touring mainly as a support act culminating with a night at the marquee which resulted in a release of a full length live album in 1990.

  The resulting years saw the usual decline in interest in the thrash metal scene with UK based bands being badly hit, and the band went their separate ways.

  After sporadic reunion shows, July 2019 saw original vocalist Philip de Sade reboot the name and bring his band Amortura along for the ride, where they set about writing “Anastasis” an old school UK thrash record interwoven with modern guitar work reminiscent of “Havok” throughout but with a nod towards “Megadeth” most notably at the beginning of Chaos takes control, being a true Dave Mustaine inspired riff and vocal track.

  Each member recorded their respective parts over the second half of 2020 on home studios due to the pandemic and sent them to Adam Ironside for production. He pieced it together making an amazing job to deliver a polished, well-presented record that still keeps enough of a raw edge.    

  Each instrument comes over clear with the double guitar attack of Paul Trotter and Adam Ironside. a key to the overall sound, with a definitive crossover between rhythm and lead. Taking up the impressive bass duties is ex “Blitzkrieg” four string maestro Huw Holding showcasing his experience with a flawless display of how to play bass as a stand alone instrument and not just plod along mimicking the rhythm guitar. With Hugo Riberio from “Moonspell” guesting on the recording to make an impressive rhythm section with his tight drum work.

   The album opens up with “7 Seconds” which sets the tone for the whole record, with its lyrical content firmly based in the horror genre perfectly laid over fast technical thrash guitar work but with more than enough groove to keep any metal head happy. The other tracks follow in a similar light with dark, thought provoking lyrics dealing with typical thrash subjects such as war, mental illness and the macabre.

  “Rise” is my favourite track on the album. It is easy to see why it was chosen to be a single that was released last year with an accompanying lyric video.

Detonation to Oblivion provides a near 11 minute epic chosen to close the record which switches effortlessly between slow-brooding to fast-screaming riff work, with a hint of keyboards that add to the atmospherics of the track. This is a definite showcase for the musicians to show off their talent.

  The vocal delivery of Philip De Sade is a text book thrash metal growl throughout, but I for one would of liked to of heard a scream or two throughout the record.

    Currently waiting for the pandemic to be over so they can get back to rehearsing, or as Paul put it “learn to play the songs again”, so they can get out on the gig scene while also looking for a full time drummer, I for one will be keeping an eye out for a show near me.

  “Anastasis” is not ground breaking but its a solid thrash metal offering from a returning UK thrash act. But is must a have record for the discerning thrasher.. 

Due for release through Cherry Red records on 28th May 2021


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