Evile – Hell Unleashed

When we spoke to Ol and Adam from Evile on the podcast a few weeks back, Ol started that even before Matt left, he wanted to take band in a more aggressive direction and with Hell Unleashed he definitely got his wish.

This album moves the band in a more death thrash direction, blending aspects of late 80’s Sepultura and Slayer into the previous slightly more melodic sound, lots of that is due to Ol and his vocal dynamics, but the song structure also has a slant in the same direction, leading to a fairly different feeling and sounding Evile, rooted in their original sound, but twisted and gnarled to make even heavier.

If you’ve heard the two advanced singles so far, you’ll know pretty much what to expect from the album, as both of those tracks give a window intro the album aesthetics, all tracks stand on their own, musically solid, with brutal riffs, pummelling drums and bass that drives every chord and note, all of the tracks show that these guys know how to put together a killer heavy thrash track, and boy oh boy it’s fast in places, but the pace variations, haunting intros and souring solos are all massively impressive and complimentary and delivering the heaviest Evile album yet. The only slight niggle for me on the album for me is the vocals, whilst working fine on all the individual tracks, a very similar tone and delivery over all the songs leaves a front to back album listen, feeling slightly mono-syllabic, this is however a minor gripe, and I’m sure as Ol gets used to his new found voice we will hear a little more variance and character, this is not to detract from what is a cracking slice of new wave thrash.

The whole album is well recorded and produced, and each track stands independently, but the stand out track of the album for me is ‘Disorder’ this is where everything really seems to gel and it comes across like a war ravaged assault on a city block, and it’s the one I keep coming back too.

Evile – Hell Unleashed is out Friday the 30th April 2021 on Napalm Records

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