Ominum – The Crescent Or The Cross (single)

Robbie from The Thrash Metal Album Of The Fortnight Club is a busy guy, but he’s always up for grabbing a single from us to check out between his packed schedule, so here’s what he thinks about Swedens Ominum and their latest single….

There is simply no time to dwell on whether this song is for you. You are either on board or not, its quite simple.  Do not worry though, if you like thrash metal, which let us face it if you are reading this there’s a good chance you do, your fears will be quashed instantly. The sheer tenacity and potent heft of ‘The Crescent or the Cross’ will wholly pull you in, slam you to the wall and demand your attention. To be fair to Ominum there will not be any resistance from you. Your focus will be zoned straight onto the absorbing punchiness of the riffs and pit inducing frenetic beatdowns.  Not only will your head be banging and fist pumping, but your face will have the broadest grin plastered all over it. Not because there is a humour element to the blistering thrash, there’s not, but the fact that immediately your thrash metal thirst has been quenched. The bass heavy intro unashamedly doffs a snapback cap to the often lesser favoured of the big four. The influence of the New Yorkers crossover punkyness and undeniable swagger is injected from time to time. However, whilst wearing their influences proudly on their arm, Ominum have a very distinct identity and character of their own. 

For this is thrash metal that delivers on all counts. Whilst its punishing and relentless there is variety racing throughout this beating monster of a track. Its revitalising qualities will have you energised and reeling from the feel-good thrash vibes penetrating through. There’s a clear and crisp sound emanating from the thunderous barrage which acknowledges the classic sound of the thrash pioneers yet a distinct modern feel and character graces ‘The Crescent or the Cross’. Indeed the first blistering solo would not be out of place on one of the best or most revered technical thrash metal albums of the golden age. As soaring as it is engrossing the solo plays out as the barrage of unrelenting thrash decisively thundering along beneath. Crossover and hardcore energy is running vibrantly in parts and the varying tempo changes further add to the engaging pull of the track. ‘The Crescent or the Cross’ may well be the oldest song that will appear on their forthcoming album, but then with a song this strong there’s no way it wouldn’t make the final cut. Class is permanent. 

Five mins race by and the aural punishment is as satisfying as its brutal. Deep rasping vocals convey enough character and gravitas to stand out solidly yet never overwhelm. A second solo eases the respite and carries an air of epicness only for the primal savagery to further increase. This time the thrash metal stakes have been raised, in fact they’ve been coated with a large dose of death metal evilness.  With the arrival of ferocious blast beats the end comes all too soon  to this riff filled vibrant rager of a song.

The mass populated and band rich thrash genre at present moment means it easy to miss out on so many bands but that’s how it goes. Bands who could be your next favourite find. With that in mind don’t let these Swedes pass you by as in ‘The Crescent or the Cross’ Ominum may have just released your new favorite thrash metal song.

THE CRESCENT OR THE CROSS is out now – check it out on Spotify HERE

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