Ominum – The Crescent Or The Cross (single)

Robbie from The Thrash Metal Album Of The Fortnight Club is a busy guy, but he’s always up for grabbing a single from us to check out between his packed schedule, so here’s what he thinks about Swedens Ominum and their latest single….

There is simply no time to dwell on whether this song is for you. You are either on board or not, its quite simple.  Do not worry though, if you like thrash metal, which let us face it if you are reading this there’s a good chance you do, your fears will be quashed instantly. The sheer tenacity and potent heft of ‘The Crescent or the Cross’ will wholly pull you in, slam you to the wall and demand your attention. To be fair to Ominum there will not be any resistance from you. Your focus will be zoned straight onto the absorbing punchiness of the riffs and pit inducing frenetic beatdowns.  Not only will your head be banging and fist pumping, but your face will have the broadest grin plastered all over it. Not because there is a humour element to the blistering thrash, there’s not, but the fact that immediately your thrash metal thirst has been quenched. The bass heavy intro unashamedly doffs a snapback cap to the often lesser favoured of the big four. The influence of the New Yorkers crossover punkyness and undeniable swagger is injected from time to time. However, whilst wearing their influences proudly on their arm, Ominum have a very distinct identity and character of their own. 

For this is thrash metal that delivers on all counts. Whilst its punishing and relentless there is variety racing throughout this beating monster of a track. Its revitalising qualities will have you energised and reeling from the feel-good thrash vibes penetrating through. There’s a clear and crisp sound emanating from the thunderous barrage which acknowledges the classic sound of the thrash pioneers yet a distinct modern feel and character graces ‘The Crescent or the Cross’. Indeed the first blistering solo would not be out of place on one of the best or most revered technical thrash metal albums of the golden age. As soaring as it is engrossing the solo plays out as the barrage of unrelenting thrash decisively thundering along beneath. Crossover and hardcore energy is running vibrantly in parts and the varying tempo changes further add to the engaging pull of the track. ‘The Crescent or the Cross’ may well be the oldest song that will appear on their forthcoming album, but then with a song this strong there’s no way it wouldn’t make the final cut. Class is permanent. 

Five mins race by and the aural punishment is as satisfying as its brutal. Deep rasping vocals convey enough character and gravitas to stand out solidly yet never overwhelm. A second solo eases the respite and carries an air of epicness only for the primal savagery to further increase. This time the thrash metal stakes have been raised, in fact they’ve been coated with a large dose of death metal evilness.  With the arrival of ferocious blast beats the end comes all too soon  to this riff filled vibrant rager of a song.

The mass populated and band rich thrash genre at present moment means it easy to miss out on so many bands but that’s how it goes. Bands who could be your next favourite find. With that in mind don’t let these Swedes pass you by as in ‘The Crescent or the Cross’ Ominum may have just released your new favorite thrash metal song.

THE CRESCENT OR THE CROSS is out now – check it out on Spotify HERE

Trapped In Purgatory – Demonicide

We’ve had this ready to go for a few days, but been waiting the official artwork reveal for the single! Gareth takes a listen to a new band with a heritage in Bristol Thrash back in the late 80’s.

For some, this single is a long, long time in coming, 30 or so years to be a bit more precise. See, where as Trapped in Purgatory are a relatively new band, in reality their origins lie in a band called Purgatory, and ‘Trapped In Purgatory’ are (re)born from the ashes.

Comprising of the ‘front end’ of Purgatory, with Chris on vocals, Jason and Jock (Andy) on guitars, they are joined by ex FourWayKill (Chris was also a former member) drummer Marc and completing the new line-up is bassist Jon (ex-Mercury Rain). ‘Demonicide’ is the first single from the highly anticipated new full length ‘Damned Nation’, due Jan 2021.

Now personally I wasn’t aware of Purgatory until very recently, brought to my attention by UK Thrashers guvnor, Neil, and so I checked out their remastered demos on the 2014 release ‘Demo(n) Days’, which is well worth hunting down.

Anyway back to Trapped in Purgatory and ‘Demonicide’, I’m lucky enough to have heard the whole album and believe me it’s going to be an early New Year treat, and this track is a great representation of the whole album. Driven by Marc’s relentless double bass drums, the guitars at first with a simple chord progression, then Chris’ unique, melodic yet with a gruff edge, vocals cut in, the chorus sees the guitar step up a notch with a cool bludgeoning palm-muted crunch.

The band add some nice dynamics, slowing down a bit and Chris really shows his melodic side. Then there’s a really nice catchy riff with some tasty downpicking mayhem. To round it off there’s a lovely melodic solo before the final verse/chorus. The production is also superb, clear yes with bite, and you can hear every instrument its a very well balanced mix.

If you were a fan of ‘Purgatory’ you’re going to be in heaven, (haha, that’s a contradiction) or if like me were unfamiliar with them, but love a bit of UK thrash, I really suggest that you check Trapped in Purgatory out, you won’t be disappointed. This is truly splendid stuff.

Demonicide is available digitally from Christmas Day 2020 on all the normal streaming services, pre save HERE

Devastator- Merciless Onslaught (Single)

Underground Blackened Thrash titans Devastator pop the metaphorical ‘cherry on the cake’ or maybe it’s a ‘virgin on the alter’ with a special treat for us fans.

Hot on the success of one of the UK’s most talked about underground albums of the year, ‘Baptised in Blasphemy’, Devastator release a new single ‘Merciless Onslaught’ which was written nearly 10 years ago by Tom, and has been a staple part of the bands set since conception, but it was captured in all its old school glory during the ‘Baptised’ sessions ready to unleash on the world at the end of the plague year!

Baptised In Blasphemy

‘Merciless Onslaught’ does exactly what it says on the tin, this may be simpler than some of the tracks on the album, but it is an all-out old school thrasher, with the dirtiest thrash n’ roll riffs, snarling ripping dark teutonic-esq vocals and the pace and drive we expect from this savage quartet and all in just four and a bit minutes, you can see why it’s a crowd favourite and deserving of a standalone release!

If you enjoyed the album, you will not be disappointed, and if you’re are… you even THRASH!!

Merciless Onslaught comes out everywhere digitally today, 5th December 2020… go and sacrifice your ears! On Spotify here

Draghoria – Murder Nation (SINGLE)

Asa takes a listen to the latest single from Colorado Thrashers Draghoria.

Draghoria were formed during 2013 in Northern Colorado by Ronald Carrillo. Since then, the band have started to amass a small following within the Thrash scene after the release of 1 album (Portal To Extinction, 2016) and 2 E.P’s (Portal To Extinction E.P in 2017, showcasing new vocal talent Riggs, and Thrash A.D in 2018). The current line-up consists of Ronald on Thrash ‘n’ shred duties, his son Alex Carrillo providing the backbone with percussive mayhem, Riggs handling the shouting department, John Colucco (ex-Internal Bleeding) mastering the bottom end rumble and Ryan Nevins rounding things out by assaulting us with ferocious riffs for Ronald to shred over. The band are determined to end 2020 on a high by releasing a new album, entitled Dangerous Species, sometime towards the end of the year (no date has yet been announced for its release). Murder Nation is the first single from the album to be released, meaning it has the daunting task of setting expectations of what is to follow.


The song opens with clean guitars picking apart chords. It has an ominous yet melodic refrain to it that gives off some serious Megadeth vibes. There’s an excellent intro solo that is melodic, mixing up slower moments with short bursts of shredding prowess. It’s not overly flashy, instead providing the right balance between memorability and technicality. The bass underneath sounds huge, and it locks in with the drums which makes for a great, dynamic and wonderfully executed intro. Stepping things up a notch, the distorted guitars come roaring in, carrying on with the same melodic phrasing as the clean guitars but adding aggression and sense of intensity to the proceedings. A second burst of energy propels the song into a simple, but effective, Thrash riff that doubles as the verse. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but it does the job, allowing Riggs’s vocal performance to take the helm and lead the song.

The vocals are delivered with a sense of ferocity that lends that extra dose of anger. Riggs barks and shouts his way through the verse like a man possessed by the spirit of Baloff. The riff that follows has a great tempo change, which gives a nice groove to it. The verse comes back before diving back into the groovy riff, but this time doubling up as the songs chorus. The gang shouts during this section give off old school vibes, making it feel like it was the 80’s all over again. It’s a solid and catchy stuff. The Thrash destruction continues as another venoumous riff plows through the sound barrier. It’s a full-on old school Thrash attack but has these slightly dissonant chords thrown in that remind me of something Revocation would use. It’s a nice touch, blending modern ideas into old school foundations which really helps give this part an edge over everything else. A chugging charge barrels its way into the verse again, before we return to the simplistic yet catchy chorus and the excellent old-school-meets-modern Thrash riff.

The song slows down, bringing back the same chord progression as the intro but simplified, as Ronald provides some excellent dual guitar harmonies. The drums change up the speed as an impressive solo breaks out, providing enough shred to please any die hard Thrasher. It’s a real highlight of the song that doesn’t overstay its welcome. The chorus returns but with a chuggy twist, providing forward momentum for the song to end on. One last killer riff rears its gnarly hard, with harmonic notes added during the midpoint to give it a truly 80’s Thrash feel. It’s a great way to end the song and promises that whatever follows next is going to be damn good.

Overall, the song is killer Thrash. It’s got simple but effective riffs that serve their purposes well. The chorus is catchy, and it blends just the right amount of modern ideas to make it not stagnate. It doesn’t spend to long on any one section, which really gives the song some great energy that drives it forward. You’re always invested in the song because there’s always something to keep it moving. The performances are great. The drumming is top notch, providing great tempo shifts that give the song a great backbone. The bass sounds incredible, with a modern tone that allows it to provide meat to the guitars whilst sticking out and gives the song warmth and depth. The guitar playing is tight, with solid riffs and some seriously impressive lead work from Ronald. The vocals are aggressive, and Riggs gives it his all, providing some excellent energy for the song.

I just wish there were a little more variety in the vocals as they’re pretty much one note for most of the time. I’d love to see Riggs expand his range a little more, but this is only one song from the album so it does excite me to see what else could be in store. The production is monstrous, everything sounding crystal clear, fully taking advantage of the more modern production but maintaining a vibe that fits right in with old school releases. This song may not be the most original, you’ve definitely heard it done before, but it’s to the point and fun. It has killer performances throughout and has some truly excellent moments throughout that make it worth coming back to. It’s a straight-forward ripper and has enough to please every Thrash fan out there. I recommend giving it a listen when you have 4 minutes to spare, you won’t be disappointed.

Have 4 minutes to spare now? check out the lyric video below!

Murder Nation