Riptide – Inhuman Race (Single)

UK Thrashers Riptide featuring newly acquired Evile guitarist Adam Smith release a new single ‘Inhuman Race’ tomorrow (12th March).

This is the first track the trio has released since last September, and the new track will be released on “Thrashed TV” – ex-Jhofffilms’ Chris Soustsos’ brand new YouTube Channel as well as all the streaming services.

I have been holding onto “Inhuman Race” for a very long time. I wrote it when I was 15, back in 2015, and I have been wanting to release this since then. It is a punchy, ferocious track full of crushing riffs and dynamic progressions. 

Adam Smith

Working with the bands Bassist and producer Sean who adds

I am incredibly happy with the way the new track has come out.  It took a while but I’m really glad we have been able to finally release “Inhuman Race” to the world! It is actually the 3rd time we had tried to record and finish the song, but we had quite a few production issues which were then magnified when Covid halted our plans, almost indefinitely. 

Sean Xavier

So we took a listen ahead of tomorrows launch and here’s what we thought –

Riptide are back, with the third long awaited single from their latest run, following on from Fatal Retribution and Smoke, and whilst everyone wants to see an album from the lads, the fact that every single is given its own space to breath and live makes all releases a bit of an event.

The track is typical Riptide, and although it was written a few years ago, it doesn’t sound naive or outdated, in fact its a pretty bruising pummelling nasty little fucker, that once again does a really good job capturing the high energy and intensity of a live Riptide show

Adams vocals are spit out in that nice blend that he achieves that have a classic UK sound, but are internationally coherent, the guitar work and solos are as always spot on and Sean and Drummer Jason really lock in and help this song ground itself… right into a mosh pit!

As always it’s over to soon, but as always, it gets us excited to hear what’s next from the Huddersfield lads, as well as itchy to go and catch them live again soon.

Check out Inhuman Race from Riptide in all the normal places on Friday!

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