Monarch – Future Shock

Euan takes a listen to the new album by Californian Thrashers, Monarch.

Monarch are back with their second record, ‘Future Shock’ in 2021. Monarch formed in 2008 and have since released an EP, ‘Dawn To Night’ and their debut full length, ‘Go Forth… Slaughter’.

Now they are back in the saddle with ‘Future Shock’, releasing on April 16th. The albums kicks into gear with the slaughtering opening track, ‘Blast The Seed’. It’s immediately clear that this albums blends traditional heavy metal and Thrash metal very well. Shredding solos and catchy choruses are abundant in the first few tracks. The production is very old schools and fits with the songwriting very well. The vocals are rough and crackly in the mix which keep the ferocity alongside the pristine musicianship.

The duel guitar work on ‘Shred Or Die’ truly does the title justice. The twin shredding from Casey Trask & Matt Smith is masterfully magical and fabulously face-melting. The rhythm section from Adam West & Gabe Mendez also provide a rock solid backbone to keep all of the sonic chaos standing. Perhaps the albums peak, track 7, Fatal Vector, has it all. Opening with an ode to Criminally Insane, with double kick twist, we fire into some of the tightest riff work this album has to offer. We’re then treated pounding triplet groove which switches to a melodic death metal inspired riff that kicks the listener into a fearsome throttling first verse.

Later we get an extreme metal mid section before ending back in the Thrash zone. The ability to blend so many influences together so well proves that Monarch are a thrash metal force to be reckoned with.

Monarch – Future Shock is due for release on 16th April 2021 and is available for pre-order via the Bands Website HERE

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