Brazen Bull – Brazen Bull

Whilst not the thrash or Death we usually cover, John checks out East Anglia metallers Brazen Bull and their debut self titled album

Brazen Bull are 5 piece hailing from East Anglia, England, They’ve made a name for themselves on the live scene, securing a support slot for N.W.O.B.H.M. legends Tygers of Pan Tang and it’s easy to see why with their self titled debut release. 

The opening riff on the album (1st single, Angels Nails) took me back to ‘82 and my first time hearing metal. Its a great N.W.O.B.H.M. Style riff but given an updated sound and the album as a whole is jam packed with these great riffs and powered along with a great beat courtesy of Jordan Strang and pounding bass from Luke Green. 

The dual guitar work of Charlie Allen and Hayden Hornsby works exceptionally well, especially the solo work, wonderfully melodic and full of emotion then head banging shred that enhances each track rather than the 30 second “look what i can do” twiddle fest. 

Vocally, Alex Martinez is a superb talent and his style and sound fits and creates the sound perfectly. 

Its very rare for an album to have completely solid tracks but BB have managed this, not one track is filler. From opening track to the finale The Boy and the Dancer each of the 8 tracks is a barnstormer stand out track (for me) is the tremendous Circus of Fears. 

As with most debut albums there is going to be comparisons, shout outs to heroes and influences and Brazen Bull is no exception (have a listen and find them yourself), but what they have done is put their own stamp on it. This is not just some copy cat style album but a serious rock/metal head banger of an album. 

The Album is out on Friday and available on BandCamp HERE

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