Deception – The Mire

Euan explores ‘The Mire’ with the new album from Deception

Waking up at 6am to go to works never fun, however discovering that Norwegian Death Metal champions, Deception, just dropped a brand new full length, and that the runtime is the same as my commute, definitely makes it a little easier. This is what happened to me last Friday.

Formed in 2012 as ‘Art Of Decepion’, this band released two full length albums in 2016 & 2018, before changing their name to Deception shortly after the release of the latter album. Releasing their debut EP under this alteration, 2019’s ‘Epidemic’ was my introduction to the band, and I vibe with that record so hard.

Now we’re in 2021 and bare witness to Deception’s true debut album, ‘The Mire’. Firing into the first track, Remission, the first thing I notice is a strong symphonic element, that wasn’t present in the last EP. This kind of thing is something I normally wouldn’t get along with, but it’s used sparingly and it’s passive in the mix enough that it doesn’t feel unwelcome or overbearing, and ultimately adds a fresh epic feeling that compliments their usual melodic death metal sound. The musicianship from the get go is on point. Einar Peterson behind this kit is tough as nails and never misses a beat. The second track, ‘Return Of The Baphomet’ is an assault on the senses, a flurry of blast beats, dark atmospheric symphonic synths and blitz-like guitar work. Sindre Johnsen’s vocals feel more defined and refined than previous material too. This track changes gear halfway through to a dark & powerful middle section.

Deception do a fantastic job of creating an eerie yet chaotic feeling across the whole record and this sophomore tack is one of the shining examples. Track three, ‘Institutions Ablaze’, was one of the lead singles from the album. This has much more of a melodic and cathartic tone than the first two tracks. The lead guitar work compliment the verses, mixing with the intense vocal delivery for a haunting sonnet. The dark and passionate chorus, simply screaming the song’s title mixed with a piercing choir are strikingly captivating. The next three tracks turn up the heavy in bold and abrasive form. ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ is a sonic powerhouse, matching its subject matter of mortality and its unyielding influence. ‘Internal Breeding’ & ‘Forest Of Demise’ may well be my joint favourite tracks on the album, as they deliver all of the character and epicness but with a hard kicking of Thrash and more traditional Death Metal.

This album pummels on through the second half, from the hypnotic ‘Gasp Of Lilith’, the stomping ‘Acid Reflux & the penultimate rage, ‘Excavation-Burial Of A Child’. Until we reach the album’s outstanding 10 minute closer, ‘Asphyxia’. This last bastion has everything the entire album has offered thus far, wrapped tightly into this brutal final journey. Starting with an eerie intro, diving into a blitzing theatre of riffs and chaos. Half way through we’re greeted to a somber and stunning reprieve, dazzled with captivating strings and woodwind over the mellow broken chord guitar work. However we barely have a minute to breathe before being plunged into a harsh build up, leading to a fantastic and emotional guitar solo. And then when you think this song might just be out of breath, we’re pummelled with easily the thrashiest attack in the whole record. The sing drudges on like a tidal wave of frantic insanity, before boding us farewell with a haunting outro that honestly felt a little sudden given how vast the previous 10 minutes were.

Deception are easily one of my favourite extreme metal bands active right now, and they are criminally under appreciated. If 2019’s ‘Epidemic’ was a strong overture n to the newly named Deception, then ‘The Mire’ is the fantastic and furious symphony, that shows no signs of relenting any time soon.

The Mire was released on the 5th February 2021 HERE

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