Ultimate Power Corrupts – Tensions Escalate EP

Neil Bolton takes a listen to some fresh underground thrash from the USA

If it’s not broke don’t fuck about with it! Thrash is not broken in my humble opinion and it seems as though these thrashers from Pensilvania U.S.A. agree. Many an up-and-coming band have an idea of adding different styles and genres to the thrash mix; sometimes this is a great success, sometimes it is a complete failure. Also, a band can listen and love a style of music and try to replicate it themselves; this also can fail because,… well, the protagonists are just not good enough.

Thankfully, Ultimate Power Corrupts are certainly good enough. The intro to this three track E.P. is a digital voice, basically inviting you to all out war. That is a strong statement and happens to be the title of the first song on here. A traditional trash start leads into a traditional shouty thrash song. Shredding riffs bring an old school feel to mind that fits perfectly with these angry vocals to create a familiar style of metal. “By Any Means Necessary” pulses along exposing a drummer that must have had more arms surgically grafted to his being as the percussion is manic, fast, impressive, and precise. In fact the whole band and package is this.

There is a little of the cross over feel to it, but only a hint. “Severed From Reality”is the last track from three that are all around the three and a half minute mark. Once again high tempo, smile creating, music flows from the speakers conjuring images of circle pits and happy live audiences. Ohh the thought of a live gig! Ultimate Power Corrupts do not invent anything new; but what they do, they do very well indeed.

It can be summed up as simple as this, if you like thrash, you will like this E.P.

Ultimate Power Corrupts – Tensions Escalate was released on January 12, 2021 https://ultimatepowercorrupts.bandcamp.com/album/tensions-escalate

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