Bloodkill – Throne Of Control

Formed in 2016, Bloodkill come raging at you from Mumbai, India with their debut album Throne of Control. Laced with liberal lashings of groove which blend with blisteringly visceral riffs, Bloodkillhave taken the best of the Bay Area and mixed it with their own cultural influences. The outcome is an exceptionally solid seventhrashing tracks which race by in an explosive 33 minutes. 

It’s to my own shame that my knowledge of Indian metal remains limited to the mighty Demonic Resurrection and Millennium but with the scene looking more vibrant in recent years, this knowledge is likely to increase exponentially.Throne of Control opens with a traditional intro, the atmospheric ‘The Unveiling’ which builds a dramatic minute before Bloodkill smash open the doors and bring the hammer down with ‘Blindead Circus’, the proper opening song. It’s a well-pacedpunky fused thrasher, with vocalist Anirudh Gollapudi adopting a true thrash vocal delivery, a cross between Mille Petrozza and Mark Oseguda.

Bloodkill blend imperious movements with a nicely balanced melody and some searing solo breaks.The inclusion of both previous singles makes this a complete package and although ‘3B’ and ‘Horrorscope’ are a couple of years old, both stand proudly alongside the newer tracks with no discernible detriment. ‘3B’ takes the slower, punishing approach, the riffs heavier and slower, with Gollapudi’s guttural roars adding an extra dimension. It’s primitive and compelling, and a direct contrast to the vicious rage of the latter single. The snarling ‘For Am I The Messiah’ with its chunky groove draws the album towards the grand finale, the title track which utilises sonic patterns as a dramatic intro before exploding in a final, welcoming maelstrom of thrashing riffs and aggressively spat lyrics, the anger and energy maintained to the end and a song which brings a smile to the face and an ache to the neck, such is its power.

Throne of Control isn’t the finished product by a country mile and there are plenty of flaws here. Yet, like their countrymen before them, this is solid and cohesive, confidently delivered and with enough oomph to grab you by the nuts and drag you kicking and screaming into the darkened underworld. It’s a fine debut with plenty to absorb.

Bloodkill – Throne Of Control is Out Today – Jan 19th On BandCamp – HERE

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