Ektomorf – Reborn

I had never heard of Hungarian Mettalers ‘Ektomorf’ before the press release and promo link dropped in my mailbox this morning, and a quick check out the always 101.3% accurate Wikipedia tells me that this is their 15th album since their conception in the mid 90’s

The genre listings label pigeonholed them as ‘Nu-Metal-Gypsy-Minor ‘ whatever the fuck that is… but to be fair, that would normally having me sending the review to the bin, but the label blurb said ‘Their 15th studio album breathes the spirit of the “Big Four” – Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth – while at the same time, beginning of a completely independent new chapter of EKTOMORF.’… big claims that got my interest swelling, so clicking the link we go to see if this lives up to the pitch!

Kicking things off comes opening track ‘Ebulition’, which sets the scene for the majority album, driving and powerful, with a great back end drums and bass groove holding the tracks under control as they risk to launch into the abyss.

Next track up is the title track ‘Reborn’ and is possibly my favourite track on the album, this absolutely reeks of Arise era Sepultura, until a glorious breakout at about 2 minutes that completely changes the song, with melody and texture before releasing back into a Max-Fest, it does make me wonder if the early stuff is Soulfly inspired… no, no, must not go off down the Spotify tunnel…

‘And The Dead Will Walk’ follows with its slower almost doom like textures and tones and chugging riffs

‘Fear Me’  and “Where The Hate Conceives’ brings the tempo right back up with back to back headbangers… I can feel myself stalking a mosh pit, taking out circle pit kids that get to close with their guard down! 

The Worst Is Yet To Come’ continues in a similar vein and then ’Forsaken’ trundles in with a different tempo, a groove tempo laden to their previous sound maybe kicks things off, with some glorious bass lines taking centre stage which is always good to hear, but as the longest song on the album this instrumental track just goes on a little bit to long for me, it just feels like everyone had to have a chance to shine and the song was designed to give them all a solo maybe… I don’t know, but its not really for me… not bad just not needed at this stage of the album.

Thankfully ‘Smashing The Past’ punches you back in the face to close.. ‘I Hate Your Face’  you’re damn right I fucking do!

Whilst this is to be fair no ‘Big Four’ contender (what is), its still an enjoyable slice of modern thrash, with throwback to the best generation of Sepultura, it’s well produced, heavy and with enough variety in song structure to keep things interesting… I don’t know what their previous albums sounded like and I don’t really care as this is pretty decent!

Ektomorf – Reborn is released on Napalm Records on January the 22nd 2021

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