Silius -Worship To Extinction

Neil Bolton takes a listen to Austrian Groove Thrashers Silius and their latest album!

This second full length album for Silius was ready for world consumption by the end of February 2020; the current pandemic managed to claim another scalp and this release was postponed.

Since 2013, these guys have been no strangers to the live stage and have many prestigious support slots under their belts. They have also made appearances at some European festivals, polishing their craft along the way. The five piece became a four piece and “Worship to Extinction” was recorded.

Their thrash, groove metal sound leaps out at you in the first track “Worship”; the raw vocal sound is high in the mix and excited grunts and growls are used to full effect. The vocals take a break and it’s time for the guitar solo, and it’s satisfyingly as fast and proficient as this track demands. “C.U.L.T.” begins with some more growls and we are off again on the groove metal road, fast aggressive, and professional.

This is a vocal style that is combative and one that some people can find abrasive and off putting. You will know if you are in that camp already. The modern metal groove has a bounce and energy that holds the attention of the listener at home, and I am sure generates many a circle pit in the live scenario. Their influences are on show in many of the tracks, and the music is performed well with tracks like “Death & Glory” making no attempt to hide their music loves and heroes. And why should they?

Silius – WORSHIP TO EXTINCTION was released on the 28th August 2020 head over to their website HERE

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