Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Neil Bolton

For UK Thrashers, my top five albums will consist of UK riffs, UK blast beats and evil lyrics.

My No 1 is a belter of an album. Baptised in Blasphemy would be high on any list curated by myself; be it now or in twenty years time I imagine. These Derbyshire thrash/speed/black/trad rockers bring a smile to any face every time ‘play’ is pressed, and play is pressed often. Their entertaining mix of N.W.O.B.H.M. and the more Satanic side of metal harks back to familiar sounds while always managing to be new and fresh.

Hellripper is in a very similar vein, never mad fast just for the sake of it; there is definite song-writing craft in James McBain’s very large talent locker.

Gama Bomb’s late entry to many people’s list is an excellent example of thrash from these experienced Irish rockers. Top level thrash and fun.

Negotium Crucis is a lesson on how to create nasty black metal without resorting fifty minutes of blast beats and satanic grunts. There are many layers to this little gem; with hints from the trash world hidden in its frightful innards.

Well Onslaughts return to top British thrashing form could not be left from this 2020 collection. It is what I, and I am sure most other fans of the band, was hoping and craving for.

All hail UK metal ladies and gentlemen!

1 Devastator Baptised in Blasphemy
2 Hellripper The Affair of the Poisons
3 Gama Bomb Sea Savage
4 The Infernal Sea Negotium Crucis
5 Onslaught Generation Antichrist

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