Possessor – Damn The Light

We’re a bit late with this but our man Frank Holby delves into the macabre with the latest release from Possessor!

London’s horror themed three piece Possessor may only have been going since 2013, but with an impressive back catalogue, new release Damn The Light is a fifth gore themed full studio offering pushing the bar even higher.  Continuing where 2017’s The Ripper and  2019’s brilliant Gravelands left off and released through APF records in the UK and Graven earth in the USA, just in time for the Halloween season.

Written over the Covid – 19 lockdown period, sending video clips and voice messages between each other, hasn’t affected the quality in any way. Perhaps being isolated only managed to send their imagination to the very depths of dark imagery that is prevalent in the lyrical content. This truly is a record that captures the artist at a high point of creativity.

Photo Courtesy – Shotison Media

The opening track Bloodsuckers sets the pace with riff heavy guitar work that doesn’t relent until the final track Slaughter High.  In fact it seems to get heavier and dirtier with each passing track, with Razerback being my particular favourite off the album, the bass work is totally on point keeping the overall  theme of each song with chugging riffs when Graham tears into a shredding but not overly long solo on the guitar.  With ex Capricorns stick man Nathan Perrier now firmly established in the band, he shows how tight and consistent his drumming is, particularly on the title track. Graham also carries vocal duties and makes me feel like I’m listening to a cigarette stained  and bourbon soaked veteran of the scene, it’s perfect for the overall affect. 

There is nothing complicated about this record, straight to the point heavy metal, borrowing influences from thrash, doom and sludge, without being pigeonholed into a specific subgenre. If you like your metal heavy, this is definitely a band that will provide you your fix. With the addition of Ollie Isaac now taking up bass duties. I am looking forward to seeing Possessor on the live circuit when gigs come around again.

Cough..Cough… Coffin Fit

Damn the Light is available now with a limited run of 300 splatter vinyl copies, via Band camp, also available to stream on Amazon music and Spotify.


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