Utilitarian – Stay Angry

Paul Hutchings takes a listen to the new Utilitarian Album, to find out what it sounds like to stay angry!!

Fancy something so ferocious that it’ll strip the skin from your face. This might be for you then. But do you believe in principles? A protest against injustice, a voice for the voiceless and a raging anger against the elite who lie, cheat and turn neighbour on neighbour and who cynically blind us in the pursuit of wealth. If you endorse these beliefs and like your music in a balled fist of raging hardcore and extreme metal, this EP is definitely for you. Having already released a full-length album Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power Not People earlier this year, Utilitarian’s creative passion continues to overflow to the extent that they’ve released this snarling five track which is savage from start to finish. You can’t do anything but agree with singer Jon Crowder when he comments “… take a look at the world around you, there’s no shortage of things to get mad about.”


Sandwiched between three new songs are brutal covers of Doom’s Police Bastard and Dead Kennedys’ Police Truck. Holding the central spot is Anarchy (Justice Without Order) which features blinding performances from guests Andy Whale (Bolt Thrower/Memoriam/Darkened) and De Profundis/Formicarius guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh. It’s an explosive, visceral track that needs to be caged, such is the frightening potency that it emits. The whole EP is a savage affair, a snarling, gritty and all-out assault which demands attention and once it grabs you, it’s impossible to escape. With celebrations of anarchy and justice and condemnation of state brutality, Utilitarian is a band for modern times. As with all Utilitarian releases, every single penny made from the sale of Stay Angry will be donated to charity – in this case ‘Inquest’, the only charity providing expertise on state related deaths and their investigation to bereaved people, lawyers, advice and support agencies, the media and parliamentarians. There are few better causes to spend your pennies on.

Stay Angry 2020

Stay Angry is Out NOW!

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