Imperium – The Passing (single)

Reviewed by Neil Bolton

The Passing begins with a Black Sabbath rain effect alongside a peaceful guitar intro. and then this London five piece soon bring this tune to a slow, but purposeful beginning . Don’t get me wrong this is not doom metal, this is not thrash metal either, but it bloody well is metal!

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A bearded voice confidently leads the way while an equally confident and competent band carry out their metal duties. The pace stays subdued but professional until it moves a notch up in speed around the half way point. The band do not loose control of their emotions and keep the pace controlled until they break into a glorious N.W.O.B.H.M. gallop, forcing the listener to unpack their air guitar and join in, bringing this number to a Maiden/Priest type conclusion.

This professional and well crafted tune fits well with the other and different tracks I have encountered from this band. Imperium have the riffs, skills, and obvious love for their craft to make an interesting mark on this scene.

The passing is out on the 6th December in all the normal places.

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