Hive Mind – Echoes Of The Void

Reviewer Paul Hutchings takes a step into the void with some crossover from Kent –

My first encounter with Kent crossover thrash outfit Hive Mind and what a banger to kick things off.

I felt thoroughly violated by this four-minute explosion of power and energy, which also possesses a cheeky line or two of luscious melody that gives it the extra kick that was needed. It’s a pulsating
track that is driven by a ferocious riff, soaring guitar, and a drum sound that is so big I thought CozyPowell had come back from the dead.

Opening at breakneck speed, the roaring vocals match the tempo perfectly, whilst the thunderous pace grabs you by the nuts, twists hard and then kicks you there just for good measure. It’s bombastic, aggressive and combines several styles to massive effect. The change of tempo at the three-minute mark don’t detract in any way, merely giving the track a robust final quarter which
continues to slap you around the noggin.

If Echoes of the Void doesn’t stir something deep within, you are following the wrong site. This is a rampant monster which demands your attention. Play it loud. It’s the only way!

Echoes Of The Void is out now on all streaming services and to purchase on BandCamp here –

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