3000AD – The Void

Our review tryouts continue, and today is the turn of Robert Chapman who tackles The Void by 3000AD, heres what he thinks about the New Zealand Thrashers

“Tunes to make the neck ache”

Formed in Christchurch New Zealand in 2018. 3000AD are a 3 piece Crossover punk/Thrash band consisting of Hellmore Bones (Drums and Lead Vocals), Scott Austin (Bass, Vocals) and Sam Pryor (Guitars, Vocals). They have taken their passion for the 80s crossover scene and brought it right up to date with their debut album The Void. Released on 27th March 2020 on Metal Scrap Records

The art work shows an apocalyptic sci-fi scene with a craft leaving a decimated wasteland, a bold logo and title sits in the corner and It is nice not to see the sometimes different to the tired pointy thrash band logo that we have become so accustomed to.

The cover piques the interest so let’s see what this band, style and lyrical content will be about.

It’s a great debut album even though they have taken some risks such as having long intros to songs, long 7 minute plus songs and an instrumental track end That ends the album. The album delivers on all levels with the progressive take on a classic genre.

3000AD for 2020

It is clear this is a band that has a passion for the crossover scene of the 80s, but They obviously didn’t want to recreate any of these albums. They are not all about the speed usually associated with the genre, though there is still plenty of that.

The riffs are heavy and crushing but there is also an intricacy and technicality to the guitar playing, which give the sound a real groove and melody in certain parts.

There isn’t a reliance on the speedy double bass kicks to make the thrash sound, but instead intricate patterns and fills.

The bass is its own instrument and doesn’t just compliment the sound it creates its own identity.

I really like the mix everything is in perfect balance nothing is turned up too much and everything sits where it should be, the vocals are clear in the mix and aren’t over powered nor overpowering.

There is a nice balance between the classic crossover music that we love and are used to, and a new modern take on the genre with some really anthemic chorus lines and some nice guitar melodies.

Some of the stand out tracks for me are:

Cells this is a brilliant crossover track and will be a staple of their set list.

Who’s watching? A nice melodic intro in to a beast of a song, the paranoia in this song really builds up and leads to a thought process that we are not alone on this planet.

My personal favourite is Born Under a Black Sun.  Even though it is an instrumental track it never loses momentum or interest in the song. 

These 3 songs are the ones I will keep going back to. 

Overall this is great album and sits proudly in the genre, I feel this is a band to keep an eye on in the genre and I am really looking forward to their second album to see how the sound evolve, it has everything needed in a crossover album and it will be an addition to my collection for years to come.

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