Exalter – Persecution Automated

The second of our reviewer tryouts, Frank Holby turns his attention to the new album from Exalter,

The Thrashing beast from the east…

I will start by saying it never ceases to amaze me, the hidden gems of thrash metal that turn up from all corners of the world, this review in the shape of Bangladesh’s EXALTER, is proof of that and then some.

The Dhaka based trio of Tamin on guitars , Afif on drums and Jamil on bass and vocal duties certainly have propelled themselves into the spotlight of the exploding Asian thrash metal scene with this 35 minutes of heaviness.

Exalter 2020

Their first full length album “Persecution Automated” released through Transcending Obscurity Asia, comes hot on the heels of a couple of strong and well received EP’s Demoncrasodomy (2015) and Obituary for the living (2016). The album offers the listener old school Germanic thrash overtures ala Destruction or Sodom, with maybe a hint of Brazilian in the vocal delivery.

We start off with an intro that could well be a sound track to an industrial scene in a John Carpenter movie from 1983, followed by a slow to mid paced (but heavy) opening instrumental track “holocaust ahead”. Things really let rip with “reign of the mafia state” where they pick up the pace beating your skull with powerful well thought out riff attack.

Clandestine Drone Warfare

The rest of the record follows in a similar vein, stand out tracks are “the dreaded end” “Incarceration” and my particular favourite, the closing track “clandestine clone warfare”. Each track has pounding heavy riffs and organised time changes accompanied by a fresh and tight drum sound, far removed from  the typewriter drumming now sadly standard in some extreme metal.  Add to the mix, a pounding bass that is a perfect foil to the drumming while complimenting the guitar work. To top it off, a guttural roar spitting out the lyrics like he hates you and wants you to know it. With a clean and polished production this is a quality modern thrash metal release.

Lyric wise, standard thrash metal fayre, social problems, warfare, hatred of man to man, but what else would you want ? They are not reinventing the wheel, and don’t try to hide their influences and what they do, they do it very well. Old and new school thrashers should appreciate the aggressive fast tempo which is ingrained into each track.

The energy that they have put into each track bleeds through, without showing a weakness or annoying filler tracks. You want 35 minutes of pure thrash? Then this is definitely for you.

Persecution Automated is available now via BandCamp to purchase physical and digital copies, and can also be found on Amazon music, Reverb nation, Spotify and Facebook.

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