Beyond Salvation – Aftermath

We took the new single from Beyond Salvation into the thrashcave for a spin, so we could let you guys know what the Manchester Thrashers have in store!

Firstly, as always due to in-band artist Jon, the artwork and associated merch for this single are on point, the be-robed priest type figures giving a sinister and evil presence to the events that unfold.

New Merch for the release

And unfold they do, as the band has made a big song in ‘Aftermath’. The production, sound and tone of the single are top class, filling the room, or your headphones, with a depth of sound that others struggle to achieve, and it’s not just a sonic noise, there’s an atmosphere and layering to the track that is hypnotising and immersive.

The heavy parts are pummelling, but when it slows down its haunting, and strangely delicate. This is all in, a cracking bit of metal, it will be out in all the normal places on the 20th November, but until then, you’ll have to take our word for it!

Beyond Salvation 2020

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