Pest Control – Demo 2020

So we don’t really know much about Leeds based Crossover Thrashers ‘Pest Control’ only finding their 2020 Demo on BandCamp by accident… seeing a cool bit of cover art was the way I chose vinyl back in the 80’s and it’s a habit I’ve never really broken.

An whilst this doesn’t always work, in this instance choosing a ‘book’ by its cover payed dividends. ‘Pest Control’ have released a four track rager! At less than ten and a half minutes long there’s no hanging around but this vicious bit of crossover goodness is the ideal blend of snarling hardcore punk vocal, crushing bass and drums and riffs…. oh those riffs, holy shit there is some heavy catchy guitars going on through this demo.

The four tracks, ‘Pest Control’, ‘Punishment Time’, ‘The Fumigator’ and ‘Confused by Fear’ definitely make a statement of intent of what the band can do, and we can’t wait to hear more… oh and the cover art is killer!

The Pest Control 2020 Demo was released on October 19th and is available for pay what you like on BandCamp, do yourselves a favour and check it out now –

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