Review – Peruvian Necktie – Self Titled EP

This is only going to be a quick review, as this EP is already out….but, I have to admit I’ve been on a bit of a Hardcore trip recently, and shooting off down all sorts of rabbit holes of the genre, from crossover to beat down and everything in between, now as always I was looking into the UK underground to see what bands were about, and one of the bands that I came across is Bristol four piece, Peruvian Necktie, and their debut Self Titled EP…

The Peruvian necktie is a choke from the front headlock position. This position is important in wrestling, but it is not as utilized in Jiu Jitsu. The front headlock works when you are in front of an opponent who is bent down and you have their head and one arm trapped in a headlock.

Yeah, I had to google it, I thought that maybe it was a South American version of a ‘Glasgow Smile’… but apparently that’s a ‘Colombian Necktie’… which is way more violent that the MMA grapple move the Bristolians have named themselves on… not that I fancy being on the receiving end of any of them to be fair!!

Anyway, enough ramblings, now this Bristol 4 piece have come out swinging, and the 4 track EP has everything you want from underground UKHC, blistering riffs, bottom end that makes your teeth rattle and vocals that range from spit and flow of a rapper to the growls of 90’s death metal, always sounding angry and venomous and on the verge of being out of control, with the ideal balance of fast and heavy, mosh ready breakdowns with a bit of a funky bass slap to give it groove.

It’s pointless doing a blow by blow of the tracks as the EP is already out, so just go and take a listen wherever you get your music from, it’s well worth 15 minutes of anyones time… and if you don’t want to delve in from the start.. ‘Wild Trails’ is our favourite track… which is great because it the one with a lyric video…

Check out Peruvian Necktie via all the normal streaming sites.. or of course BANDCAMP

Borstal – At Her Majesty’s Pleasure

When this dropped through the promo mailbox we wanted to do it justice, so we asked our mate Paul Jones of UK Blackened Crossover SIDEWINDER to do a guest review for us, here’s what he had to say…..

When 5 of the UKs finest unite, you had better pay attention. Featuring members of Brujeria, Knuckledust, Dripback and King of Pigs; Borstal are not here to play games. With the debut album, At Her Majesty’s Pleasure, this record hits hard and fast with all of the aggression expected from a pissed off generation.

The opening sounds of distant sirens and chaos on the streets leads us into what will be a frantic 20mins of blistering UK hardcore. Refuse to Lose sets the tone for the record, leaning on the struggles and strife of a modern existence; creating an old school punk mentality, bringing anarchy crashing into 2021.

The unmistakeable sound of Nicholas Barker’s drum style kicks you in the ears as the ripping guitar tones cut through you. Add a Danny Liker-esque thunderous bass tone and Pierre’s trademark throat-punch vocals, At Her Majesty’s Pleasure is a modern classic. Recorded at Monolith Studios in London, Charlie Wilson Jr.’s production knocked this record out of the park.

Track two, Karma, is bound to be an absolute crowd mover. A raucous montage of riffs “shoved down your throat, so you can’t breathe”.

We Stand as One is sending you straight back to 1982. Pop out your elbows and strut your stuff in a nostalgia fuelled mosh. Unity in the hardcore spirit sings true.

Vicious Circles, (video below), offers everything a crossover nut would require; groove, speed and mosh-beats are plenty. Singalong choruses offer a New York hardcore feel with the “OI, OI!” factor and a need to crack out the Dr Marten’s and stomp some heads.

Worm Food, track five, is circle pit city. The thought of seeing this live, moshing, moving and throwing myself off of the stage is a reality that cannot come quickly enough.

At Her Majesty’s Pleasure brings it home with the final track, King of the Jungle, a storming anthem that speaks of what it takes to fight for survival, be proud and remain humble. This is a message to the next generation to stand up and take charge. Be inspired. Be the voice of rebellion.


Borstal Release – At Her Majesty’s Pleasure via 4 Family Records on the 1st April 2021

Pest Control – Demo 2020

So we don’t really know much about Leeds based Crossover Thrashers ‘Pest Control’ only finding their 2020 Demo on BandCamp by accident… seeing a cool bit of cover art was the way I chose vinyl back in the 80’s and it’s a habit I’ve never really broken.

An whilst this doesn’t always work, in this instance choosing a ‘book’ by its cover payed dividends. ‘Pest Control’ have released a four track rager! At less than ten and a half minutes long there’s no hanging around but this vicious bit of crossover goodness is the ideal blend of snarling hardcore punk vocal, crushing bass and drums and riffs…. oh those riffs, holy shit there is some heavy catchy guitars going on through this demo.

The four tracks, ‘Pest Control’, ‘Punishment Time’, ‘The Fumigator’ and ‘Confused by Fear’ definitely make a statement of intent of what the band can do, and we can’t wait to hear more… oh and the cover art is killer!

The Pest Control 2020 Demo was released on October 19th and is available for pay what you like on BandCamp, do yourselves a favour and check it out now –