Skeleton Pit – Lust To Lynch

German Thrashers Skeleton Pit are back with their second album ‘Lust To Lynch’ being released on October the 23rd on MDD Records. With a five year gap between releases it’s always interesting to see how a band have developed, matured and how they’ve been influenced by the changing musical and thrash metal scene, and most of all do they still sound fresh and relevant!

Well the answer to that last bit is ‘Hell Fuckin’ Yes’ the Skeleton Pit crew have produced a monster of a record, a solid slice of thrash that holds its own against the best of the 2020 releases, with a nod to its thrash ancestors but a modern, but real, feel and production.

Skeleton Pit 2020

The Album kicks off with the instrumental title track before launching into the single released to promote the album ‘Violent Raid’ holy shit this has some driving riffage that makes you want to go and tear through a moshpit and to be honest it doesn’t let up, the crushing tempo and face-melting guitar shreds through the whole of the album, ‘Plague of Violence’ ‘Skull Splitting Attack’ keep the demonic pace and drive ‘Thrashocism’ adds some sing along “whooohooooo” gang vocals for good measure before the opening up the riff machine. Whilst full of the normal thrash stories of death, monsters and beer that we’ve all come to expect, this doesn’t have the slightly cheesy feel of their first release ‘Chaos At The Mosh Reactor’ and although the topics come from the same bucket, this feels more mature, making it even more enjoyable… a proper grown up thrash Album!! The Album continues to shove, punch, swing and kicks its way through the tracks, ‘Like Vultures’ ‘Awaken The Claw’ and then my possible favourite track ‘Last Blood’ which has a killer solo, and then tearing through Challenge To Kill the penultimate track, the final track (and also the longest by two minutes) ‘The Evil Horde’ finishes off with a brutal track that feels like a battle is raging, a Tolkien inspired Goblin and Orc army could be coming down the mountainside to kick your fucking head in!… or maybe I’m just being too literal again!!

violent raid

As you may guess we really enjoyed this album, proving once again that our Teutonic brothers know a fair bit about making great music, so If you like your thrash heavy, fast, well produced and infectious without being pretentious then you won’t go far wrong in picking up a copy of ‘Lust To Lynch’ and if they come to a town near us… we will see you in the pit!

Available on BandCamp for Pre-Order –

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