Incinery – Falling Into The Sky

Incinery release their first single from their new album “Hollow Earth Theory” Gareth takes a listen to see what the Nottingham Thrash Kings have to offer –

Heads up! “Incinery” incoming! Preceding the release of their highly anticipated second album “Hollow Earth Theory”, comes blistering lead single “Falling into the Sky”

A left/right, call and respond guitar refrain introduces the song before a chugging interlude, it then speeds headlong into a twisting, tortuous riff, incorporating that same refrain, all the while the drums and bass punish you while the guitars thrust hot blades into your flesh, and James roars his scathing lyrics.

Nottingham Thrash Kings – Incinery 2020

The verse follows at breakneck speed, while the chorus is compelling, yet strangely conflicting, due to it being much slower than the accompanying beat. The solo section contains some great little flourishes, with (and I’m presuming) both guitarists contributing different lead parts. If you’re already an ‘Incinery’ fan, I’m pretty sure that this is going to please you no end, as I personally think this is at least one step up from the last album, in all departments.

If you’re not a fan, then this is the perfect introduction for you. A great lead track. I’m very much looking forward to hearing the full album.

Reviewer – Gareth Pugh

Release Date – Out Now on all streaming sites

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