Steel Mage – The Uprising of Hatred

The Uprising of Hatred (EP)🎧 Release Date – 1st April 2020

A young Manchester band starting to make some noise are @steelmageofficial, their debut EP, the uprising of Hatred is released on Wednesday on all the normal streaming channels and iTunes etc.

The whole EP, is well played and classic thrash in the vein of Megadeth and Annihilator with a slither Of Pantera, and that’s by no means a bad thing. The songs are tight, guitar solos and riffs are plentiful, and whilst not entirely original it gives the lads a strong platform to grow their own style and sound as they mature as songwriters and get some more gigs under their belts.

The opening title track is a throwaway for me, but Warrior and Beat Down are both solid thrashers and my favourite track Blading Edge finish the package.

Well worth a listen and a couple of quid to check out some new blood with plenty of potential

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