Steel Mage – Mandatory Detention

You nice folk who listen to the podcast will remember some of the most commented on guests from earlier this year, mainly because I struggled to get a word in edgeways! Well Steel Mage are back with a new single, Gareth takes a listen to see what the lads have produced this time –

Anyone who has heard Steel Mage’s first EP ‘The Uprising of Hatred’ are going to be amazed at how much this young super talented group of teenagers have progressed in such a relatively short amount of time, ‘Hatred’ for those who haven’t heard it is, a 4 track affair, sounding mostly inspired by classic thrash but with some other influences, the instrumental title-track even had a bit of a Pink Floyd inspiration to me, while the other 3 were more standard thrashers, which laid a solid foundation to build from.

Steel Mage – Are stuck in detention

And build from it, they certainly have, ‘Mandatory Detention’ takes the tight riffing and melodic leads from the EP and expands from there, the whole track has a much grander and more complex scope than any of their previous tracks, there’s just a load more riffs, time changes, different tempo parts, and loads more dynamics than before. Musicianship wise the guys are so impressive, every single one of them has come on in their level of competency, drummer (and youngest member I believe) Jack is just a complete monster, a really solid performance, loads of double bass and little fills here and there, there’s even blast-beats aplenty as well.

Thomas’ bass is also impressively noticeable, something that can be lacking in a lot of thrash, it gives the sound a bit of a ‘Havok’ like edge. Tommy and Louis’ guitars are also really striking, the riffs and leads are excellent, and definitely a notch up from previously. Louis’ vocals have also come on leaps and bounds, he seems a bit more confident behind the mike and his performance seems more natural this time round.

More Merch than you can shake a stick at!

The lyrics, if you hadn’t realised, are inspired from the UK Lockdown, which this track was recorded in (I haven’t mentioned the surprise intro), and although I haven’t got the lyric sheet, I think the guys are tackling a very serious and relevant topic, about mental health. I highly recommend you check out (I mean buy it) this single from this Manchester quartet, and while you’re at it go get the EP as well, it’s really exciting stuff and I’m really looking forward to hearing more material in the future.

Mandatory Detention is on Pre-order now and releases via streaming sites on January 1st 2021

Series 2 Episode 14 – Steel Mage

Welcome to Episode 14, whilst we’ve spent the last few weeks speaking to some of the UKs most well known bands, this week we are back to the underground, with Manchester based youngsters Steel Mage! We talk about the band, how they’ve grown such a large social following, influences and life during lockdown.

Series 2 Episode 14 – Steel Mage

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Steel Mage – The Uprising of Hatred

The Uprising of Hatred (EP)🎧 Release Date – 1st April 2020

A young Manchester band starting to make some noise are @steelmageofficial, their debut EP, the uprising of Hatred is released on Wednesday on all the normal streaming channels and iTunes etc.

The whole EP, is well played and classic thrash in the vein of Megadeth and Annihilator with a slither Of Pantera, and that’s by no means a bad thing. The songs are tight, guitar solos and riffs are plentiful, and whilst not entirely original it gives the lads a strong platform to grow their own style and sound as they mature as songwriters and get some more gigs under their belts.

The opening title track is a throwaway for me, but Warrior and Beat Down are both solid thrashers and my favourite track Blading Edge finish the package.

Well worth a listen and a couple of quid to check out some new blood with plenty of potential