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Album Review and New Release

Artists: UK Thrashers (Various Artist)

Album: Moshin’ The Roof On Vol 3

Release Date: Friday 1st April 2022

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UK Thrashers return with their 3rd ‘Moshin’ The Roof On’ compilation album featuring the great and the good of the British thrash metal scene.Let’s face it, this is a compilation for an amazing charity in Shelter who assist people who find themselves in the shocking and vulnerable position of homelessness. With this is mind everyone should dip into their pockets and purchase this CD no matter the quality. The fact is the quality is high, I repeat the quality is high!!

The next point, a huge point, we need to raise is the incredible work done by Neil ‘Branny’ Brannagan (UK Thrashers) in putting together yet another amazing double CD for the aforementioned charity. Let’s face it coordinating music from 30 bands, putting it together in a package, arranging artwork etc etc etc is a humongous task and the time that the man has ploughed into this must be phenomenal. I doff my cap to you, Sir.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty then, what’s the music like? CD 1 kicks us off with our very own Trifecta of Hellfekted , Blacklist and Thrasherwolf . Hellfekted bring their usual feast of blackened loveliness with their delicious track ‘Death Of Iron’. A tumultuous opening that leads brilliantly into ‘Blood Baptism’ from their touring buddies Blacklist. This is an advance track from the Blackpool bangers and is a typically high tempo’d song that continues to build on the superb music featured on their superb ‘Disciples Of Time’ album from last year. Thrasherwolf complete the opening salvo with an epic 9 minutes of insane pulsating thrash with their ‘Blood Moon’ track. Our friends set a high bar for the rest to follow.

At this point I am reminded, not like I needed it, of just how lucky we are with the current thrash scene in the UK. And this compilation is a show case of the talent we have on these shores. As CD1 continues it is punctuated throughout with memorable tracks and band names. Beyond Salvation continue the onslaught and remind us all why they were such a hit on the Bloodstock new blood stage. Catalyst and Disinherit follow with sustained tempo and aggression and keep the compilation rumbling along at some pace.Staffordshire based band King Abyss have penned a fantastic blend of thrash and death with their track and I think we might need to keep close eye on them over the coming years. As we head full tilt into great tracks from Necropolis and Excursia it strikes me what it would be like to have a Moshin’ The Roof festival with these bands all in attendance!

The wonderfully named Devils Henchmen continue the assault on our senses with a blistering track in ‘Built By Hate’ that we could have easily heard by Exodus and the ilk back in the hay day. BLOOD OATH and GUTLOCKER send the riff meter to defcon 1 before 3 scorching tracks from Thrashsquatch (one of my personal favourites anyway) Acid For Blood and tempashot_official bring down the curtain on CD1. We couldn’t have asked for 3 more diverse tracks to end. The ‘Squatch’ give us something completely different then their usual fair. Plenty of experimentation show us that there is more to them than meets the eye. A raging instrumental from Acid For Blood has us wanting and looking forward to more from these guys. The vocal approach from Tempashot seems to have split opinion, I’m definitely in the ‘fuck yeah!’ Camp.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the brilliant ‘Insurrection’ album by Helgrind for Metal Temple earlier in the year, and rated it highly. How apt that they should open CD2 with another slayeresque track.Like CD1, CD 2 is resplendent with face melting thrash demonstrating the vibrance of the Brit thrash scene. Madicide continue the Slayer type theme before another of my favourites RipTide give us more 80’s vibes with their sensational ‘Inhuman Race’ track.

The award for most improved band surely must go to the hilariously named Chimp In A Box. Their contribution ‘Sixes’ is light years ahead of the last material I heard from them and is hopefully an indication of what’s to Come.Tracks from In Which It Burns Day Of Wrath Scarred By Truth and More Death And Horror bring us many more neck snapping riffs and some definite hints of groove. Here we also struggle with some production quality with a couple of the tracks but for me personally this type of metal doesn’t always suffer badly from looser production. 2 Great tracks from Heavy Claw and Dead Before Mourning bring us into the home straight with some heavy hitters of the Brit scene. SIDEWINDER lull us into a false sense of security with a slower tempo intro into their contribution ‘Last Orders’ before really cranking it up into a tubthumpimg face melter. The superb Bloodmores follow this up with a classy yet ferocious track ‘Fuel For The Fire’. We’re becoming expectant of nothing but quality from these guys.To conclude we’re treated to a hat trick of quality from blackened thrashers Devastator , IMPERIUM and Elimination.

Devastator produced one of the best blackened albums of 2020 and their mastery shines through. Imperium gift us with a new track ‘Deceived’ before the superb Elimination bring the curtain down. Let’s face it not many bands had as good a year as Elimination in 2021. With the release of their acclaimed album ‘Echoes Of The Abyss’ and a storming appearance at Bloodstock it seems fitting that they should have the final say on this wondrous compilation.

I love this release and as such have dipped my hand into my wallet, before my kids empty it, and bought this. Not only because it’s for a great cause but because it’s a fantastic double CD showcasing the best of British underground thrash.

Congratulations to all involved.

8.5 Chainsaws Out Of 10!!!- Beardo