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Sombre – A Common Conflict And The Respite We Deserve

Robbie journeys into the black with one man uk black metal project – Sombre A forboding unease eerily ushers in the lonely wiry, harshness of the guitars as ‘A COMMON CONFLICT AND THE RESPITE WE DESERVE’ meanders it’s dark yet vibrant energy onwards. The… Continue Reading “Sombre – A Common Conflict And The Respite We Deserve”

Metal Massacre – XV

John delves into the latest offering from the legendary Metal Massacre Series – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Well, 1982 and Los Angeles to be precise, metal mogul Brian Slagel gathered together some tracks from the best unsigned acts… Continue Reading “Metal Massacre – XV”

Siniestro – Vortexx

Paul Hutchings checks out the new album from two man thrash monsters ‘Siniestro’ If a blend of thrash, punk, black and death metal is your thing, then the powerful duo of Siniestro may well be worth a listen. Having formed in 2012, the two-piece… Continue Reading “Siniestro – Vortexx”

Terminalist – The Great Acceleration

We’re a bit beghind on this one, as I forgot to schedule the review properly… Asa takes dive into the latest EP from Terminalist that came out last Friday. Terminalist are a self-proclaimed “Hyperthrash” band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Formed in 2018, they released an… Continue Reading “Terminalist – The Great Acceleration”

Misfire – Sympathy For The Ignorant

Way back in 2004 at the age of 13 and 14 drummer James Nicademus and Guitarist/Vocalist Jay Johnson formed the thrash metal band Diamond Plate. In 2007 Jay left that band and has since released multiple solo projects. Diamond Plate went on to be… Continue Reading “Misfire – Sympathy For The Ignorant”

Artillery –X

Paul Hutchings takes a listen to the new Artillery Album to see what it offers in todays batch of thrash… For those of us old enough to remember, Artillery came roaring out of Denmark in the 1980s with a ferocity that matched their counterparts… Continue Reading “Artillery –X”

Solstice – Casting the Die

Chris Cleo checks out the return of Solstice They’re back.  After a twelve year wait since their last full-length release, genre veterans Solstice return firing on all cylinders with eleven fresh cuts of their signature sound.  While a twelve year gap in full-length releases… Continue Reading “Solstice – Casting the Die”

Evile – Hell Unleashed

When we spoke to Ol and Adam from Evile on the podcast a few weeks back, Ol started that even before Matt left, he wanted to take band in a more aggressive direction and with Hell Unleashed he definitely got his wish. This album… Continue Reading “Evile – Hell Unleashed”

Hideous Divinity – LV-426

She claims she saw an Alien Once… whoopee fuckin doo…. Asa reviews the new EP by Romes Hideous Divinity Hideous Divinity have garnered quite the reputation within the Death Metal circle over the last decade. Formed in 2006 in Rome, Italy (in case you… Continue Reading “Hideous Divinity – LV-426”

Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined

Need a mega review for a Monday? Well check out this monster detailed tale about the new Cannibal Corpse Album by Asa… we think he may like it! Cannibal Corpse are a band that need little, if any, introduction by this point. However, in… Continue Reading “Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined”